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Masters of Cyber Security (Thesis) at Bahcesehire University (BAU): Tuition Fee: $9.000 Whole Program (After Scholarship)


While the rapid proliferation of computer systems and their penetration into every aspect of our daily lives improve both our work efficiency and the quality of our lives, it also expands the possibilities for malicious people and criminal organizations. Malicious people can penetrate into our computer systems which could result in significant monetary losses for both individuals or organizations and companies. Furthermore, cyber attacks that have been conducted in recent years by some governments, for monitoring, manipulation and destruction of political and strategic information, pose  a critical threat against national security. Hence, the availibility of educated human capital in cyber security has become an urgent need for governments as well as companies and organizations.

The aim of the Master of Science Program in Cyber Security is to educate qualified cyber security experts as desired by both public and private sectors. With this program, students will obtain the opportunity to gain proficiency and competence in fields such as Network Security, Cryptography, Malware Analysis, Penetration Tests, Web Application Security, Secure Software Development, Computer Forensics, Information Security Management, Cyber Security Law and Data Protection Law.

Program Structure

The Master of Science Program in Cyber Security has thesis and non-thesis options. The thesis option requires completing 21 credits of course work, which correspods to 7 courses, and writing a master’s thesis. The non-thesis program requires completing 30 credits of course work, which correspods to 10 courses, and completing a graduation project. In both thesis and non-thesis options, students should fulfill the requirements for graduation in no more than 6 semesters.

The courses in this program contain 14 weeks of lectures, which are offered at the Beşiktaş Campus of Bahçeşehir University in Fall and Spring semesters. Each course has one session per week and is delivered in the evening, between 19:00-22:00.

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