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Beykoz University has been one of the latest universities that takes place in the higher education life of Turkey. The foundations of our university were laid in 2008 by the establishment of Beykoz Vocational School of Logistics and now it appears publicly as an international, new generation, quality-oriented, university which represents an innovative vision for higher education with the structure it built its strong history of vocational higher education on.

A fresh start is always the harbinger of novelty for the institutions as well as it is for the life of people. With the foundation of our university; business and management sciences, arts design, social sciences, faculty of engineering and architecture, school of civil aviation, and foreign languages, graduate programmes, and vocational school have started their academic activities. These academic departments with the English preparatory programme; associate degree, bachelor and graduate schools will also be at the service of students, society and higher education in the forthcoming days. Beykoz Vocational School of Logistics which met the needs of society and business world with its graduates in its thematic structure of logistics until now will also continue its services under the roof of Beykoz University.

We totally agree with John Dewey the pedagogue who says: “Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.” We believe that our students should learn not only to know but also to apply. Starting from this point of view; we aim to offer our students a learning and university environment supported by multidimensional, international quality standards that are open to multidisciplinary approaches. This university environment will predominantly focus on applied training that can develop knowledge and skills of our students with the training models and approaches we have developed for associate degree, bachelor and graduate programs.

The fast-paced and changing business world and social needs have made it necessary for our students to develop themselves individually apart from their learning areas. In this respect, it is our primary goal to build education and training programs that will enable our students in all programs to gain the competencies described as the necessities of 21st century, to make it possible for them to grow up as democratic, free-thinking, broad-minded individuals, and to create a campus environment for this purpose.

Our university aims to be a centre of happiness, freedom, tolerance and success for our students and staff, and targets excellence in their services. Beykoz University adopts being a model university with a reputation both at home and abroad as a principle by learning, adding value to society and learning by what it learnt, and innovative practices and achievements that it leads.

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