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BİLGİ is one of the first foundation universities of Turkey. In the past fifteen years, BİLGİ became a deep-rooted university with its own traditions and the notion of absolute academic freedom has become a major part of our institution culture. Intellectuals of Turkey have gathered here around this culture; therefore, we have established a philosophical ground on which every societal issue is handled with courage. Notable scholars and academics who have met on this ground have helped BİLGİ to become one of the pioneering academic institutions of our country.

This background is reflected on our understanding of education as well. We have created a climate where the hierarchy is not the academic ranks but intellectual backgrounds and where our students are at the center of our existence. We have encouraged thinking and questioning rather than memorizing and we have taught to learn for life not for school to contribute to the training of free, unique and responsible individuals who are sensitive to social problems and against the ordinary.

Today, we represent a sound and distinct attitude in the academic and intellectual life in Turkey with more than 20,000 students, near 45,000 alumni and over 1,000 academicians.

We have already carried this attitude beyond borders with our wide international agreements and we will continue to have more students, more graduates and more members of academic staff in the next years. However, we are aware that we touch a wider audience than numbers can ever reflect since we hold a rare enthusiasm to share our knowledge with the society.

Every individual willing to search, understand and learn is welcome to our campuses and our faith in crossing paths with the ones who share o

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