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Bachelor of Business Administration at Istinye University: Tuition Fee: $6,900 /year

Istinye University Department of Business Administration offers its students 1 year preparatory and 4 years undergraduate education. The language of instruction is English. In line with the mission of our university, the Department of Business Administration aims to train teammates, managers and entrepreneurs, who have the skills and competencies needed by business life, who have internalized ethical and moral values, who are responsible for the society, who develop themselves and are open to innovations, through collaborations with stakeholders in the business ecosystem, in line with the mission of our university.

Benefits of the Program
As it is known, one of the most important resources used by businesses in creating value and gaining competitive advantage in the world of VUCA is human resources with skills and competencies. With this understanding, the Department of Business Administration offers its students the opportunity to develop their intellectual and social capital with the help of internship opportunities, the opportunity to experience different cultures with the Erasmus+ program, the “Let the Mentor Be the CEO” Program and their meetings with the sector, as well as the academic education they receive.
Our curriculum, which combines theory and sectoral examples with applications, provides students with business management knowledge and perspective. It gives you the chance to study according to your own choices in a wide range of courses such as marketing, management, finance, accounting, human resources, information technologies and programming languages, law, sociology, psychology, philosophy, art. Basically, our curriculum in the Business Administration department prepares our students for business life with courses that include three disciplines: management-organization, marketing and accounting-finance.
They can have the ability to effectively and efficiently understand and manage the process from data to information, from information to knowledge, which is very necessary for today, or they can develop themselves in line with their fields of interest, with the opportunities to make minors or majors.
With the "Internship" opportunity, which is among the courses in the Department of Business Administration, our students have the opportunity to observe and experience what they have learned in practice, and they will have the opportunity to expand their business connections and social circles that will be necessary for them in the near future. In addition, our clubs operating within our university help our students gain skills such as being a member of a team or leading a team, and managing time and resources well. Thus, our students acquire new knowledge and skills during their education through different channels.
Job opportunities for graduates
Although business management is a discipline, those who want to enter the department of business administration, since it is not accepted as the first profession that comes to mind, such as doctor, pharmacist, lawyer, architect, by the society in general. They often ask the question. The Department of Business Administration, as the name suggests, is business-oriented, dealing with the management of the social and technical microstructure rather than the macro perspective of the economics departments. Our students, who make effective use of the above-mentioned opportunities, may have the opportunity to take charge in private institutions and organizations at managerial and departmental levels after graduation. They can be team leaders in various departments of businesses. By fulfilling the necessary exams and procedures requested by the relevant institutions, he/she can turn to professions such as customs consultancy, financial consultancy, auditing, They can work as bureaucrats/civil servants in public institutions seeking to be a graduate of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, by fulfilling the necessary exams and procedures. They can implement their own initiatives. By continuing their academic education, they can become scientists with master's and doctoral programs in which they will specialize in the field of interest.

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