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February & October 2024 Admissions Are Open. CLICK HERE TO APPLY
February & October 2024 Admissions Are Open. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Bachelor of Computer Engineering at Acibadem University: Tuition Fee: $12,500/year (Scholarship Available)

Until a few years ago, when Computer Engineering was mentioned, research and development studies in narrow and highly specialized fields such as computer programming, communication and information systems designed using computers, and defense industry came to mind. Now, these memorizations are broken, these limits are being exceeded. The dogmatic walls between disciplines are breaking down rapidly. Today, computer engineers, together with psychologists, biologists, doctors, sociologists, economists, and social scientists, examine and evaluate the effects of information systems and information networks they have designed on people, life, and the environment; they work together in understanding the past of man and in the adventure of shaping his future.

Interdisciplinary collaborations, which gained great momentum with the developments in the field of communication and technology, also brought about shaping our future at an incredible speed. We have already started to see and use autonomous cars that have found their way, unmanned land and air vehicles carrying electronic order packages, surgical operations performed remotely and without human intervention, organs produced with 3D printers and transplanted into humans. It seems inevitable that our near future will be intertwined with technology and robots. Acıbadem University Faculty of Engineering Computer Engineering Department, which was established and deployed with the awareness of all these developments and its future vision, aims to pioneer the developments in the field of technology and especially the inventions based on big data.

Our department offers a wide range of education and research opportunities that will provide future computer engineers with general big data science skills, as well as more specialized skills ranging from information networks and social media analysis to the design of smart search engines, from bioinformatics to deep learning and artificial intelligence.

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