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Bachelor of Computer Engineering at Istinye University: Tuition Fee: $6,900/year

The computer revolution began in 1945 when John Van Neumann, the most brilliant mathematician of the 20th century, invented the "von Neumann" computer model. The first computers were very large, slow, and difficult to program. We recommend reading this historical note:

First-generation computers used an "electromechanical relay" element as the basic switching unit, which required a lot of energy and often overheated. Computers had to be placed in large basements measuring tens of square meters. While electron tubes were only a minor improvement, real progress came with the discovery of the transistor, which is both small (a few micrometers then, now smaller than a nanometer) and less energy-consuming and highly flexible.

Computer engineering focuses on the design and development of computers while software engineering specializes in the design and development of programs. This difference between computer engineering and software engineering has been the driving force of the computer revolution. However, these two areas are not completely separate from each other. In fact, there are many overlapping areas that make up the levels of communication: such as digital logic design, computer architecture, and operating systems. Historically, computer engineering departments were located within engineering faculties, especially electrical and electronic engineering, while software engineering started as small groups in science faculties of universities. Therefore, there is also some overlap between computer engineering and electrical and electronics engineering. Actually,

Computer engineering education lies between software engineering and electrical and electronics engineering, however, it ranges from small devices such as microwave ovens, clocks, thermostats to medium-sized devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, and large-scale systems such as industrial control, cyber-physical systems. It takes place closer to software engineering with the aim of designing various computer systems. In addition to being equipped with security measures against attacks, these computers operate quickly, consume as little energy as possible, and are resistant to errors.

Computer Engineering Education at Istinye University; It starts with basic courses such as logic, algebra, combination and graph theory and continues with courses on digital logic design, computer networking, computer architecture, operating systems, microprocessor system design, embedded systems, VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) design and fault tolerant systems. There are also Python and C programming courses involved in computer system design.

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