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Bachelor of Dentistry (BDS) at Uskudar University: Tuition Fee: $19.800/year

“Being a Good Person, Being a Good Doctor, Being Happy”

The Faculty of Dentistry, which started education in the 2021-2022 academic year, aims to add new dimensions to the classical definition of the Dentistry profession with its happiness-oriented education, unique perspective, approaches and training programs. With the support of Üsküdar University's rich accumulation, the Faculty of Dentistry, which will create the balance between "being a good person, being a good doctor, and being happy", aims to train future dentists, not modern dentists.

“Living the Age, Building the Future”

  • İnformation and Robotic Systems in Dentistry : Virtual Information Systems and Robotic Systems' capabilities in producing value, data, work and products have made these systems one of the most important stakeholders of all branches of science. With this acceleration, most of the products and services produced in dentistry will be realized by CAD supported applications and robotic systems.
    For this reason, dentists have to know the scientific and cognitive flow of the virtual process from computer program software to CAD applications and CAM productions. Very soon, the researcher/manufacturer teams behind these systems will be the true mentors of dentistry. In order to train future dentists, one of the most important disciplines of dental education today is Informatics and Robotic Systems in Dentistry.

* Art-Based Dentistry Education: Dentistry is a professional discipline that includes the most important elements of basic art formation such as visual memory, aesthetic intuition and motor ability. Despite this, there is no independent educational approach to gain this formation in dentistry education programs. Dentist candidates are tried to be trained with the piecemeal information given by non-expert lecturers and the individual effort of the student through trial and error. In dentistry education, aesthetic intuition and plastic talent must be given within the basic fine arts education methods and by experts in a holistic course discipline. The content and topics of this course should be determined jointly by the disciplines of painting and sculpture education, anatomy, anthropology and cephalometry.

* Medicine-Based Dentistry Education: 
Basic Medical Education is given to a limited extent in dentistry education. The enrichment of the content of the service, the expansion of its borders and the increasing use of interventional methods make this limited medical education inadequate. In the near future, this inadequacy will become even more dramatic and will bring discussions about the authority and responsibilities of the dentist.

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