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Bachelor of International Relations at Istinye University: Tuition Fee: $5,000/year

The International Relations department examines all the characteristics of the actors in the international system within the framework of their historical backgrounds and mutual interactions. The structure and functioning of institutions, especially foreign policy-making processes, and their political and economic relations constitute the main analysis subjects. Many disciplines from history to economics, from political science to law and from political history to philosophy are used to analyze the multidimensional relations on the axes of cooperation or conflict between states and with other actors.

The primary aim of the Department of International Relations is to equip its students with the basic knowledge and scientific perspective of this field, and to train them as experts with a scientific formation that can comprehend and interpret international developments analytically.

Program Benefits

The International Relations department offers students the opportunity to learn English at an academic level, thanks to the English language of instruction and a one-year preparatory education. During the four-year education period, it encourages students to turn to different fields with the diversity of the courses in the curriculum. In addition, it supports the establishment of careers of students on solid foundations with international exchange programs, minor and double major opportunities.

Professionals who have achieved significant success in the national and international arena and within the scope of the "Let Your Mentor Be the CEO" Program, it enables students to establish one-to-one contact with experts in the private sector, making it possible to gain different experiences.

Job Opportunities for Graduates

Graduates can have a job as professionals specialized in their fields, in various public institutions within the government or in private sector organizations where experts trained in the field of international relations have active participation. They can work as experts in public institutions, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In addition, they can be employed in the private sector, financial institutions, international institutions and organizations and non-governmental organizations.

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