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Bachelor of Medical Engineering at Acibadem University: Tuition Fee: $12,500/year (Scholarship Available)

Medical Engineering; It is an engineering branch that aims to develop, produce and efficiently use devices and biomaterials used for diagnosis, treatment and research purposes in order to solve the problems encountered in the field of health and meet their needs.

Medical Engineering is an interdisciplinary field that allows working in cooperation with medicine, basic science and engineering fields such as biology, physics, chemistry, machinery, electrical electronics and computers. Our program aims to train effective Medical Engineers in the field with the support of its strong Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences staff, Clinical Simulation and Advanced Endoscopic-Robotic Surgery Training Center-CASE and its campus equipped with advanced technology.

Although the Department of Medical Engineering is a department focused on health, it serves the health sector in a wide variety of fields. From biomaterials, tissue engineering, nanobiotechnology, bioengineering, biotechnological medicine, molecular modeling, development of bedside diagnosis systems for the diagnosis of diseases with biosensor technologies, targeted drug release systems, processing of large health data with artificial intelligence technologies, developing methods that can be used in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, medical imaging and image processing It has a wide range of fields of study, from the development of technologies, from athlete health with biomechanical technologies to the development of physical therapy and rehabilitation applications by combining them with engineering applications.

For this reason, we have created focus areas such as biomedical engineering, biomaterials, nanobiotechnology and clinical engineering by concentrating our elective courses in our project-oriented curriculum in these areas. In our clinical observation and innovation course, which we carry out completely in the form of practice, our students visit many different clinical departments one by one, identify real-time clinical problems with their observations there and present projects that will bring solutions to these problems. Our students, who have gained experience with such courses since the day they started the Medical Engineering program, also specialize in different subjects with the rich elective courses they take in the focus areas I mentioned after creating a solid infrastructure with the basic engineering courses they take.

Our students can do their summer internships in companies or hospitals that are suitable for their interests, as well as by being involved in the scientific studies of faculty members. At the same time, they can get long or short-term internship opportunities in various sectors and fields in Acıbadem Healthcare Group companies. Here, they can do internships in various departments from R&D to quality in various health sectors, from clinical laboratories to biomedical departments to genetic diagnosis laboratories.

We have a highly equipped, dynamic faculty staff with overseas experience. This valuable team continues its research in the Biomaterials Center and Nanobiotechnology Centers, which are spread over an area of ​​1500 m2 equipped with the most up-to-date advanced technologies. Starting from the 1st grade, our students have the opportunity to participate in our studies in these centers according to their interests. Our students working in our projects supported by TUBITAK, European Union and our University Research Funds can also take part in these projects as TUBITAK scholarship holders. The students of our department have the opportunity to do a minor and double major in Computer Engineering, Molecular Biology and Genetics, as well as Psychology, Sociology and Health Management Departments.

This branch of engineering, whose main purpose is to produce technological solutions needed in the field of health, brings together academic sciences, clinical and industrial fields, is developing rapidly and the need for Medical Engineers to be employed is increasing day by day. We, too, follow our graduates closely and are proud of them every day, because they find job opportunities in world-renowned companies and universities, both in the academic and sector, in the country and abroad.

The Medical Engineering Department works in direct cooperation with CASE. This center, which is a virtual hospital area, has medical simulators and many of the medical devices used in hospitals. Especially in recent years, since the designs of smart materials, mathematical models and medical simulation systems have started to gain priority, the Department of Medical Engineering is a department that trains engineers who can design and produce by considering the solution of real problems in these fields.

Our Biodesign Center, which was established with the support of the Ministry of Development and Istanbul Development Agency, is a center where both our students and all other researchers can implement their health-oriented innovative ideas and produce prototypes of the products they have developed. In the “Design for Medicine” hekatons we organize periodically in this center, nearly a hundred students from different universities and departments compete in the established interdisciplinary teams and gain a very special experience on the situations they will encounter in real life with the products they have developed in different fields. In addition, the maturation of new business ideas in the field of health, their transformation into products and their implementation are also possible in our Incubation Center, which is also within the body of our university.

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