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Fall 2023 Applications are Now Open!
Fall 2023 Applications are Now Open!

Bachelor of Molecular Biology & Genetics at Biruni University: Tuition Fee: $6,300/year

Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

The science of genetics, which is developing day by day with new research areas, is a science that enables the deciphering of genetic codes that program the formation of living things, and the use of decrypted codes in many fields such as medicine, biotechnology and agriculture. Molecular Biology and Genetic Sciences allows comprehensive information about the functions and origins of past and present organisms and versatile comparisons of existing living systems.

The Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, which has a top priority in research support programs both in the world and in our country, is one of the departments with a very bright future and the highest employment potential. Our graduates; They can work in the research and development units of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agriculture and food sectors, in the diagnosis and treatment centers of genetic diseases, in vitro fertilization units, in forensic medicine institutions, as a researcher or as a geneticist in management levels, as well as in academic life.

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