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Bachelor of Pharmacy at Istinye University: Tuition Fee: *Will be updated soon.

Istinye University Faculty of Pharmacy aims to train "Eight Star Pharmacists" (8*M).

The competencies and competencies that a pharmacist should have are symbolized with 8 stars by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP). These are  the “Caregiver, Decision Maker, Communicator, Manager, Lifelong Learner, Instructor, Leader and Researcher”  stars.

Pharmacy is undergoing a significant transformation in the world and is evolving from a drug-oriented pharmacy to a drug- and patient-focused pharmacy. Our country is naturally affected by this transformation process in the world. The Ministry of Health has officially started the process of training pharmacists who are experts in the fields of Clinical Pharmacy and Phytopharmacy, by selecting the candidates with the Pharmacy Specialization Examination (EUS). The first exam was held in 2017.

Considering that medicine has turned into "evidence-based medicine" and pharmacy into "evidence-based pharmacy" all over the world, future pharmacists will be referring to "evidence-based databases" "every moment" in their decision-making processes. Pharmacists who have gained the ability to reach the latest valid scientific evidence and have the ability to convey the evidence-based information obtained by using this skill to the patients and stakeholders in need with the most effective communication skills and ensure that they are used by them will be the pharmacists that the society will need the most and the most sought after. 

“Medicine adherent” is a concept that expresses the correct and effective use of drugs. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) reports, drug compliance in the world is lower than 50%. This situation creates great risks in terms of human health and national economies. The profession group that will contribute the most to the increase of drug compliance is pharmacy. Therefore, it is imperative that pharmacists receive not only drug-oriented but also patient-oriented education. Again in these reports, it is emphasized that pharmacists "can/should be able to serve the society more than they do now, due to the education and role they have received".

Scientific studies show that expenditures made for pharmacist education and performance payments save more than 6 times the expenditures made to the economy. 

Our Faculty; A strong and highly motivated academic staff, theoretical and practical training and research infrastructure at the highest level, hospital chains providing internship opportunities across the country, the principle of evidence-based in education, management and decision-making processes, being aware of the pioneering role of the pharmacists to be trained in the transformation process of the profession. It serves our country and humanity.

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