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Bachelor of Pilotage at Bahcesehire University (BAU): Tuition Fee: $8,500/year + €15.675/year


Students who apply to the pilotage department of our university and qualify to participate in the program firstly complete the English Preparatory Program successfully. They, subsequently, participate in the Pilotage Undergraduate Program which will last for 8 semesters. While the program is in progress, students are trained as aviators with knowledge of aviation and engineering-based academic courses for first three semesters. Beginning from the 4th semester, they receive their theoretical pilot trainings prepared in accordance with international standards in real and virtual classes of Bahçeşehir University supported by modern technical education opportunities. In the 4th term their first actual flights and become entitled to receive a Private Pilot License (PPL-A) before starting their fifth term. Actual flight trainings are given by our seasoned flight instructors of our partner flight school on new training aircrafts and special simulators. In the following four semesters, graduates receive flight trainings and theoretical pilot trainings in accordance with the specified stages, which become even more difficult with their increasing skills. Our graduates will be entitled to receive the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATP-A) from the DGCA (Directorate General Of Civil Aviation of Turkey) together with their Bachelor’s Degree.

Prerequisite for registration:

It is obligatory for the candidate students who wish to register to Bahçeşehir University Pilotage Department to submit first class health certificate (Class-1) issued by the aviation medical centers authorized by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and a health certificate stating that there is no restriction to fly as a responsible pilot in certified aircrafts.

Criminal record registrations of pilot candidates must meet the conditions stipulated in the applications for student pilot license specified in Article 24 of the Aircraft Pilot License Regulation (SHY-1) published in the Official Gazette dated 06.06.2006 and numbered 26190.

Opportunities for Graduates

After completing the English Pilotage Education at Bahçeşehir University Pilotage Department, students who are entitled to have an Airline Transport Pilot License (ATP-A) will have the opportunity to easily find jobs in wide-body aircrafts, the symbol of the rapidly growing air transport sector. Our graduates, with their knowledge of English, will be able to work as a co-pilot in airline companies at home and abroad as a result of their self-confidence, post-graduation type and line trainings.

In Bahçeşehir University Pilot Training Department, the trainings that are rich in content, which includes detailed knowledge on many technical and legal issues, as well as developing the knowledge and skills of flying, are given by the elite educators who are experienced in their fields, supported by modern educational equipment and techniques.

The students who continue their education in the Pilotage Department have the qualities to make a difference with their knowledge and experience as well as their special design pilot clothes. Because the basis of the trainings, is the adoption and development of aviation culture.

In addition to the opportunities offered, various activities are organized under the leadership of our aviation clubs, where our students have the opportunity to develop leadership and effective communication skills, and come together with exemplary names with their achievements and experiences in aviation. Activities include, but are not limited to, sports aeronautics such as parachutes and gliders and / or flying unmanned aerial vehicles, model aircraft manufacturing and flight training is planned to include.

The students who completed Bahçeşehir University Pilotage Program;

• Hold Airline Transport Pilot License (ATP-A)

• Have he values and awareness of being an aviator,

• Adopted aviation culture,

• Can speak English at ICAO Level 4,

• Internalizing personal discipline and aviation discipline

• Can make accurate and quick decisions despite stress and / or time pressure or operational pressures,

• Attaches importance to aviation safety as a priority,

• Have ability to meet the pilot needs of airlines not only in Turkey but also abroad,

• Have scientific suspicion, research curiosity and research motives,

• Have ability to increase teamwork skills,

• Have developed leadership characteristics,

Academic Program

The academic training of our students is planned in accordance with the regulations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and in accordance with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Modular Airline Transport Pilot (ATP-A) license standards.

Graduation Requirements Summary

Pilot candidates must take 57 courses (240 ECTS) in total in order to graduate from the Undergraduate Program in Pilotage.

Course Category Number of Courses Number of Credits
Courses 49 201 ECTS
Elective Course (Aviation) 8 39 ECTS
Total 57 240 ECTS
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