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Bachelor of Psychology at Acibadem University: Tuition Fee: $12,500/year (Scholarship Available)

Psychology contributes to society in many ways and enhances it by touching our lives on different levels; enriches it. The knowledge of the science of psychology is important for today's societies in better understanding the needs of people in many fields and determining more effective approaches. In understanding the social phenomena around us deeply; increasing work efficiency or job satisfaction in the workplace; evaluation and treatment of individuals in need of psychological support; in increasing the motivation and success of athletes or in the evaluation and rehabilitation of people involved in crime; There is always a need for psychologists in many areas such as the detection of cognitive functions lost by an individual who has had a serious accident.

As a science, psychology studies cognitive, emotional and behavioral processes. Many basic sub-disciplines of psychology such as developmental psychology, experimental psychology, social psychology, clinical psychology and industrial-organizational psychology; it also has applied sub-branches such as health psychology, forensic psychology, neuropsychology, sports psychology and traffic psychology. A person who is educated in the science of psychology should have knowledge about the basic areas of psychology before the applied areas; Research and statistical knowledge is required. Afterwards, psychology students can specialize in one of the fields they are interested in and think they will be successful by completing their master's degree on top of their four-year education. Those who want to work in the field can become practitioners or continue their education and become researchers or academicians.

Acıbadem University Department of Psychology was established in the 2013-2014 academic year and aims to provide students with the highest level of educational opportunities. In line with this goal, our department has been accredited for five years by the Turkish Psychological Association, which was given the accreditation authority by YÖK in 2021, keeping the education standards high. In the coming years, it aims to be among the leading and respected psychology departments in our country, with its academic staff who believe in ethical and scientific principles, who teach in their fields of expertise, and strong infrastructure opportunities.

As Acıbadem University's Department of Psychology, our aim is to provide our students with a strong educational background on the basic theories and methods of psychology, and to train students who can effectively use their knowledge and thinking skills on human-related issues. Our department has an experienced academic staff who have completed their education in prestigious universities in Turkey and abroad and have gained expertise in their fields. Our students also have the opportunity to participate in research projects in different fields of expertise under the consultancy of our faculty members, and in this way, they can develop both their academic and practical competencies.

Our curriculum, which has a rich pool of elective courses, aims to support the career development of our students by giving them the opportunity to get to know different fields of psychology. Our department also has the opportunity to do a Minor and Double Major with Sociology and Health Management departments. Our Clinical Psychology Master's program, which was launched in 2016, continues its education with the aim of training experts who are competent in the field.

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