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Bachelor of Psychology at Fenerbahce University (FBU): Tuition Fee: $4.000/year (After Scholarship)

Psychology is an applied, academic discipline that deals with mental processes using scientific methods to understand, explain and predict human behavior.

The psychology major is a broad-based, interdisciplinary program designed to inform the student about important theoretical and methodological perspectives as well as areas of application in psychology.

The Department of Psychology makes a significant contribution to the training of qualified psychologists equipped with the training, skills and knowledge to understand basic behavioral and cognitive processes such as lifelong development, learning, motivation, experience, emotions, intelligence, perception, cognition, social behavior, attitudes and personality. in its purpose.

Psychologists are professionals who evaluate psychological problems and behavioral disorders that arise from physical and mental health or that occur under the influence of biological, behavioral and social factors, and also play an important role in preventing disorders, promoting healthy behavior and improving people's quality of life.

With the education they receive in the department, our students will be able to understand how behavioral and cognitive functions change in the study of humans and their behavior, the factors that contribute to their changes, and how these dysfunctions are diagnosed and treated. .

Fenerbahçe University will offer Psychology students the opportunity to gain practical experience by collaborating with Medicana Health Group. Through internships, students' experiences during their education will turn into job opportunities and will lead students to turn to sub-specialization areas. Thus, the number of specialists in our country will be increased by opening the way for specialization with sub-specialties.

At the psychology undergraduate graduation stage, our students will prepare a graduation project, under the supervision of a faculty member, reflecting the knowledge and skills gained during their education. This will help our students determine their career goals and specialize in the field they will work in.

Thanks to the connections of Fenerbahçe Sports Club, students will have the opportunity to get to know and experience different institutions. With the support of Fenerbahçe University's international academic staff, students will be able to follow international publications and conferences.

In the section; Courses such as Introduction to Psychology, Social Psychology, Methods in Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Interpersonal Communication, Industrial/Organizational/Work Psychology, Psychotherapy, Applied Statistics, Neuroscience and Behavior, Personality, Perception, Attention, Learning are given. The undergraduate program of the Department of Psychology aims to provide the student with an education based on human beings and behavior, as well as important skills in qualitative and quantitative research on behavior and its problems.

Graduates; They can find employment opportunities in public institutions and organizations such as hospitals, psychiatric clinics, schools, rehabilitation centers, prisons, kindergartens and dormitories, as well as in different places such as the private sector and industry.

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