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Bachelors of Arts (BA) in Agricultural Machinery & Technologies Engineering at Yasar University: $8.000/year (Scholarship Available)

A multidisciplinary agronomical program incorporating basic, applied and social sciences offers education in many interdisciplinary topics of the biotic, physical and social systems. Unlike traditional agricultural engineering, the education offered also covers planting of forage crops, cereals, fruits and vegetables and other value-added agricultural goods, as well as feasibility of complex integrated precise agricultural technologies to grow such crops.

The Department of Agricultural Machinery and Technologies Engineering focuses on tractors and other power machinery used in agriculture; post-harvest product processing machinery; energy, bioenergy and agricultural electrification; mechanization in animal husbandry; greenhouse mechanization; redesigning, installing and operating agricultural systems by using control systems in aquafarming and information technologies and precise agricultural technologies in landfarming. The objective of the Department is to raise professional scientists and technologists equipped with planning and administrative skills who prioritize economic sustainability and environmental and social factors.

To graduate from the Department whose medium of instruction is English, all senior students are obliged to complete a long-term internship in the sector for one year.

The graduates of the Department of Agricultural Machinery and Technologies Engineering can work at institutions affiliated to the Ministries of Agriculture and Forestry, Public Works and Settlement, and Energy and Natural Resources, companies engaged in producing agricultural technologies, tractor manufacturers and retailers, companies working on maintenance and repair and spare parts, any business engaged in agricultural production or marketing, as well as factories manufacturing foodstuff, agricultural pesticides and machinery and private farms.

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