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Bachelors of Arts (BA) in Business Administration at Beykoz University: $2,600/year (After Scholarship)

Today, businesses continue their activities in an environment of constant change due to reasons such as the increase in international economic mobility, the rapid development of technology and the spread of globalization. Businesses that want to be successful in national and international markets, where global competition is rapidly increasing, need individuals who are equipped with contemporary knowledge, open to innovations, entrepreneurs and constantly improving themselves. Every business operating in national and international markets; aims to have human resources equipped with modern knowledge and skills in the fields of production, marketing and sales, accounting, finance and human resources and makes more and more investments in human resources. Businesses expect their employees to acquire certain behavioral characteristics such as creativity, taking responsibility, analytical thinking, adapting to change, seeing the future, speaking and writing at least one foreign language very well, as well as having versatile and contemporary business knowledge. These qualifications, which are necessary for employees at all levels in different sectors, can only be achieved through a quality education.

In order to meet this need, the Department of Business Administration of our Faculty aims to provide a modern business education in two separate programs: English and Turkish. With this training, our goal is to bring qualified future business managers who are equipped with modern business knowledge, aware of the ethical, social and legal responsibilities of an enterprise, investigative, open to innovations into the working life.

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