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Bachelors of Science (BSc) in Computer Engineering at Beykoz University: $2,950/year (After Scholarship)

Computer engineering is one of the professions that shape the technologies of today and the future, and hence human life. Beykoz University Computer Engineering Department of English aims to train creative computer engineers of today and tomorrow.

Computer engineering is an engineering branch that mainly deals with computer science, makes software, test, analysis and designs in every subject that computer can help, and produces computer-based solutions on social, technological, scientific and social issues.

Computer engineers are people who take an active role in the design, installation and development of both software and hardware of computer systems. Computer engineers are responsible for determining the needs of the computer network, evaluating tender offers, preparing and providing specifications in the institution, consulting computer companies, designing computer hardware, working on data to be entered into the computer, working as a system programmer and analyzer, and working on software.

Computer engineering working area is quite wide. Computer engineer works in almost every industry. Computer engineers are needed in the world of telecommunications, entertainment industry, banking, education industry, industrial establishments, service industry, public institutions, and all kinds of commercial companies. This need is constantly increasing in our age when technology is developing with great steps.

The duration of computer engineering education is four years. In the first year of education, basic courses such as physics, mathematics, computer programming are given. In the following years, basic courses and application areas of computer science and engineering are included.

Beykoz University computer engineering undergraduate program includes the following courses as well as elective courses:

Physics and Mathematics (Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Probability Theory and Statistics, Discrete Mathematics)

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