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Bachelors of Arts (BA) in Economics & Finance at Istanbul Okan University: Tuition Fee: $4.500/year (After Scholarship)

The defining challenges of our era are the scale and the speed of changes in the markets, including labour markets around the Globe. The integrated international markets are evolving into a complex and highly competitive work places. The exponential growth in digitization and internet connectivity is the backbone of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The science of robotics and automated work places are spectacular. There is a critical need to provide the workforce with education and skills needed to participate in the modern labour market.

Economics and finance are at the center of the markets of the era described above. Economics explains production, consumption, distribution and maintenance of natural resources; the processes of decision making and the relationships among market players. Finance is the monetary economics in daily life. Finance refers the monetary aspects of economic decisions. Economics and finance are mutually inclusive. Finance has developed in line with economics and trade but volumes of all financial transactions are far more than the production of goods and services in the recent decades. In the international financial markets nominal volumes have increased sharply independent of real exchange. Globalization and technological changes increased the importance of finance. So all developments in economics and finance needed a mutually inclusive education of finance and economics for the future. The balanced combination of theories of finance and economics, together with the applied cases by Business in these areas are thought by the programme conducted by the Department of Economics and Finance at Istanbul Okan University.

Initially the Department was named as Banking and Finance. But the scope of job possibilities referred by the initial name of the Department was narrower, so it was decided to be changed as the Department of Economics and Finance. Since the Fall of 2017,the Department of Economics and Finance offers the highly competitive programme of education in the areas of Economics and Finance. Management of risks and derivative markets, insurance, behavioral finance, investment analysis and governance, international financial markets are specialized areas under the headings of economics and general finance. Department of Economics and Finance at Istanbul Okan University has a programme that educates the leading professionals for the cyber world of the future. Our programme embraces all specialized areas of finance on the basis of economics, accounting and law.

We believe that the success of our graduates is the accreditation of our programme; and our graduates will be the leading professionals because of our programme integrated to business life.
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