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Bachelors of Arts (BA) in International Trade and Finance at Beykoz University: $2,600/year (After Scholarship)

What makes the human beings a social entity is that they can find the happiness they seek only in the society. The society consists of individuals with a common understanding, who interact with each other. The current developments of human societies can be explained by their ability to transfer their knowledge to the next generation and to cooperate. For this reason, trade has been the result of mutual trust-based specialization and cooperation since the day human beings existed. As you have started to realize, economic growth, cultural enrichment, an increase in the quality of life, an increase in welfare are in parallel with the increase or decrease in international trade volume. As long as people change the information, products and services they produce, it becomes possible for their development to gain momentum and to better understand, interpret and use the world in which they are located. Even if only the last two hundred years of performance of the world economy is considered, it can be easily seen that high economic growth periods are experienced simultaneously with high international trade volume. In this context, the welfare of humanity and commercial activity are two closely related concepts, although not synonymous.

Developments in information and communication technologies that you are quite familiar with have affected many areas of life. These technologies change the habits of doing business, learning, planning, and even influence human behaviors such as style of chatting and sense of humor. In the sense I mentioned above, it is not difficult to say that trade is one of the most affected by these changes in technology and even the factors that determine the change in technology. World trade volume has been growing with an increasing momentum since the 1970s despite the crises experienced from time to time. This situation which applies to the world also applies to Turkey. One of the main reasons for this is a commercial focus in terms of geographical location of our country; it is a station that not only sells its own production abroad, but also crosses international supply chains. In the logistics sector in Turkey, which occurred simultaneously with the expansion of foreign trade growth is an indication of this. In the past 15 years, our country's exports have grown by 420%, imports by 280%, and the total foreign trade volume has increased by 330%.

International trade has a critical importance for all societies as the most important and rapidly growing element of globalization. In this process, where international collaborations increase and competition is intensified, economies are looking for ways to organize international trade relations well by creating correct strategies and policies in order to function properly. In this context, there is a need to educate individuals who know international trade concepts and practices, can develop vision, are innovative, knowledgeable in economics, business, law and management, and can use tools and equipment that are unique to the age effectively. These individuals are those who will contribute to the development of the economy you are subject to with the knowledge and equipment you have, and create value by creating rational, contemporary approaches, policies and strategies and / or implementing the ones created.

As a result of the concepts of information society, network society, digital economy and now industry 4.0, the expansion of the trade volume and changes in the composition of the trade increase the demand for people who can work interdisciplinary, accommodating current competencies in the field of international trade. The forms of business and industry that globalization inevitably affect are growing and becoming more complex. International trade experts are expected to consistently create planning, strategies, resources and opportunities that can respond to cyclical fluctuations without delay. Producing up-to-date, innovative and creative policies, legislation and regulations, projects, solutions, strategies is extremely important for regional prosperity, social welfare and economic growth in open economy conditions. In order to meet the needs of international trade based financing to realize the potential of Turkey, and to gain competitive advantage, it is necessary to develop effective and innovative techniques and methods. As international collaborations increase, today's business circles increase the employment demands for individuals who know national and international policies, have knowledge of legislation and operation, plan and manage operations, develop strategies, analyze, and use foreign language and information technologies effectively.

Career Opportunities

International Trade and Finance graduates can first of all work in companies carrying out import and exports activities, in the European Union's representatives in Turkey, the foreign trade department of banks, customs brokerage, logistics companies and in in public institutions such as EU Affairs, Ministry of Economy, Industry and Trade Ministry, the Undersecretariat of Treasury. Also; they can work in universities, research centers and various regional and international work institutions.

However, with the skills gained, individual services can be offered in many different areas within a professional framework. Growing and rapidly increasing international trade relations increase the need for international trade professionals. This need is manifested by the growth of employment demand for international trade professionals by the market and industry. People who can analyze, interpret international trade law, construct strategies, master digital trade dynamics, work interdisciplinary, and have entrepreneurial qualities stand out in today's business world.


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