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October 2024 Admissions Are Open. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Bachelors of Arts (BA) in International Trade at Istanbul Okan University: Tuition Fee: $4.500/year (After Scholarship)

We live in a time when economic, legal and political relations between states rest on a delicate balance and these relations influence individuals more than ever. International Relations no longer simply refer to reciprocal relations just between states, but also refer to a phenomenon being apparent in every sphere of life. Besides war and destruction, and peace and welfare, International Relations concern our daily life practices varying from household heating to potable water supply, to security of our streets today. Taking stock of this change, our department pursues an interdisciplinary curriculum which focuses on the current state of the world and the place of our country in the global system.

In addition to the conventional subject matters of political science including the state and inter-state relations, our courses focus on international organizations, multinational corporations, and supra-national relations in tune with the changing dynamics of international relations. They aim to seek answers to the questions of today’s world with regard to global governance, supranational relations and the like.

Our faculty members strive to provide the students with ample opportunities to improve themselves by tracking closely their progress and supporting on- and off-campus activities. Istanbul Okan University International Relations Department trains well educated students with critical thinking skills for their future lives with its outstanding faculty members prioritizing interactive education enriched with seminars, conferences, films and documentaries.

We welcome students who,

  • are eager to accumulate knowledge required to keep up with the globalizing world and to live as effective individuals in this changing world,
  • wonder about the ways of practically implementing theories in the fields of international relations and political science as well as learning them,
  • aim to take part in decision making and policy making mechanisms of international/national public and private institutions,
  • want to take a foreign language education from among Russian, Chinese and Arabic along with English,
  • want to gain experiences in European and American universities.
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