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Bachelors of Arts (BA) in International Transportation Systems at Yeditepe University: Tuition Fee: $5.670/year (After Scholarship)

Transportation costs, as an economic sector, constitute about 9% of a country’s economy.

If we need to emphasize more precisely, about 15% of the costs of consumed or used goods are about transport and transportation. So, transportation is such an important and big sector in the world.

In direct proportion with the speed of technological developments, transportation and transportation systems are structurally changing and gaining different dimension in a good manner every day. Information Technologies have been developing rapidly that traditional models and means of transport changing rapidly according to the technology. Today, Industry 4.0 technologies have started to add much more value to the transportation sector. These developments have changed the employee profile required by the sector.

By the development in transportation sector it is understood that there is a need for people who can think analytically, make quick and correct decisions, keep up with technological developments and have mastery in Computer Technologies. These employees of the future who will take place in these sectors have to be master in the developing technologies.

By understanding necessities for this sector, Yeditepe University has prepared a new program in Faculty of Commercial Science to fulfill the need for employee in transportation sector which is Department of International Transportation Systems and Technologies.

It is thought that it is going to be the result in changing the whole lifestyle when the internet of the objects is integrated to the geographic information systems. The need for addressing technology related factors such as environmental factors and the lifestyle of the society makes it necessary to create a new field of education when the developments mentioned above take into consideration.

Efficiently use of energy, sustainability and the necessity of considering the issues in the branches of   science such as urban structure and related sub-branches together with transportation and transportation systems became more important with the increasing population in the cities.

On the basis of the fact that rail systems are still the most reliable mode of transportation in the world, the matter of fast and smart system, controlling directly to the daily life for a person, the planning and organizing of transportation makes more significant than ever.

In the light of this knowledge and experience, the  new  International Transportation and  Technologies department  will take the students with the score type SAY , it is considered that they will be experts in their adaptation to the ecosystem in both numerical planning and environmentalist, the idea of dominating information systems and Technologies better planning the future cities, international Transport Technologies.

According to the requirements and justifications described above, the students participating in the program gain the following knowledge and abilities:

  • Students will be equipped with sufficient mathematics, statistics, operations, and modeling and simulation courses in order to gain analytical decision-making skills. Each of the major modes of transport is a separate area of ​​expertise.
  • In order to students specialize in the transportation model of their choice, 2-4 semester elective courses will be presented in which each transportation and transport model will be elaborated in the semesters.
  • Due to the necessity for working internationally, students will be graduated with at least 2 foreign languages by their choice besides English which is the language of education.
  • Considering the fact that today is the information age, different dimensions of the information systems used in the transportation sector will be taught with at least 4 semester courses. For this, computer laboratories will be use actively. In addition to this, collaborations will be made with companies and academic units operating in Information Technologies.
  • The transport sector has its own legal procedures. Students will be taught the legal procedures of international transportation operations for 2 semesters.
  • Students will have “Project” courses that will give opportunity them to work together, develop projects and gain innovation skills.
  • Finally, students will do internships for two summers in order to see the sector practices and business process. Additionally, examination trips will be organized to different organizations and companies in order to prepare students for the future.
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