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Bachelors of Science (BSc) in Industrial Engineering at Beykoz University: $2,600/year (After Scholarship)

Businesses that successfully survive in national, regional and international markets today need to have creative and innovative human resources with long-sightedness and that have strong knowledge, skills and are creative and innovative.

Today's businesses need strong leaders and managers who can think analytically, who are well-equipped in engineering subjects such as mathematical modeling, operations research, in other words, who approach engineering problems, such as finance, marketing, and human resources.

In today's competitive environment, the methods used to improve efficiency, customer satisfaction and profit rates in industry, service, information and infrastructure systems are gaining importance in all engineering branches at an increasing speed. Management Engineering emphasizes the importance of management knowledge and skills in engineering education, and therefore the program curriculum is designed to educate graduates who will design, organize and improve integrated and complex systems that include people, materials, capital, energy, information and technology, and support corporate culture in this direction. In addition, it is aimed to acquire the knowledge, ability and skills required for understanding, designing and implementing management systems to be used in increasing productivity and efficiency in these systems, and to obtain complex engineering and management information in developing solutions for production, product development and service delivery.

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