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Bachelors of Arts (BA) in Physics at Yeditepe University: Tuition Fee: $10.000/year (After Scholarship)

The Physics Programme has a distinct ‘industrial’ perspective and is an innovative programme designed to create greater opportunities for our graduates in securing jobs in all areas of the technology in industry, government and industrial based laboratories as physicists.

It contains interdisciplinary subjects such as metrology, chemistry, medical physics, materials science, energy and computational physics, if desired, extra advanced physics courses to allow interested students to acquire a more in-depth physics knowledge. The world has recently become more interdisciplinary, collaborative and global. To comply with this, graduates must be adaptable, flexible as well as technically proficient and they must be able to work within fields of emerging high technology and increasing scientific orientation. This is because of the increasing collaboration between universities and government laboratories as well as industry.

In order to produce graduates equipped with the abilities, training and knowledge commensurate with a broad range of progress in Turkish industry, we offer all students a programme in physics as follows:

It includes the metrology which means the science of measurement and quality, computational physics that utilises the power of computers in physics and energy that deals with the resources, their utilisation and environmental protection. It also contains other scientific courses which are more theoretical such as nuclear and plasma physics, condensed matter physics, relativity theory, atomic and molecular physics, high-energy physics, astrophysics and cosmology, all for a better understanding of nature.

The metrology and calibration laboratories in the Physics Department (YÜKAL) have been accredited by TÜRKAK (Turkish Accreditation Body) according to the TS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2010 standards. These labs help our students be more competent on calibration (metrology) stuff as well as serving Turkish industry for the temperature and dimensional measurements.

In our department there is also the possibility of being a double major student with the departments of Civil Engineering, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Genetical and Bioengineering, Mathematics and Information Systems and Technologies, provided that the students satisfy the necessary requirements.

Within the framework of the students exchange programme two of our students have the chance of education at the University of Gröningen (Holland), University of Umea (Sweden) and University of Stutgart (Germany) each term. Currently there are our sophomores at these universities. 

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