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Bachelors of Arts (BA) in Political Science and International Relations at Beykoz University: $2,600/year (After Scholarship)

Political Science and International Relations departments are the learning processes in which the course contents and practices that are included in the sub-fields of Political Theories, International Relations and Comparative Politics at the universal level are shared with the students. Beykoz University, Political Science and International Relations syllabus was prepared starting from the basic framework and comparative study of a variety of international and Turkey universities’ curriculum with a rigorous selection process. In this process, it targeted on the one hand, the transfer of basic knowledge which apply on a global scale in these areas, on the other hand Turkey Politics (Turkish politics) through theoretical lectures and practical work in the field of historical structure of Turkey's society and the state, a content which allows the understanding of social and political direction has been established.

The staff of the Department of Political Science and International Relations consists of faculty members who have gained their expertise in different social sciences in accordance with the nature of the department, which is an interdisciplinary field, and have an in-depth research and field experience in these fields. Understanding the education process not as a one-sided transfer of knowledge, but as the students and faculty members think, produce and contribute to the field at all levels, our academic staff perceive our students as the most active and dynamic subjects of university life and academic knowledge production.

Graduates of Beykoz University Department of Political Science and International Relations, thanks to the multi-faceted, theoretical and practical balance offered to them, will be able to develop their authority and skills of leadership, ethics and social responsibility, harmonious group work, access to information, critical thinking, effective and non-violent communication, social problems, to identify, analyze and produce policy, to take responsibility, social entrepreneurship, be open to personal development, and ability to think innovatively.

Our graduates will have employment opportunities in public institutions and organizations, diplomatic units, private organizations, international organizations and media in various positions and in the civil society field, whose importance is increasing in total employment today. In addition, our students, who experience qualified and profound course processes in different social sciences, will also have the opportunity to build their future in the academic field if they wish.

The University will contribute to the planning of the careers of the students before graduation with all its means, and with the motto “education is not preparation for life, education is life itself”, it will mobilize all the necessary resources for its students to build their own world during the student process.

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