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October 2024 Admissions Are Open. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Bachelors of Arts (BA) in Political Science & International Relations at TED U: $9,000/year (Scholarship Available)

Our Department is committed to providing high quality education in Political Science and International Relations that enable our graduates to make significant contributions to the field both intellectually and professionally. To this end, our program seeks to cultivate an in-depth understanding of political, economic, social and cultural aspects of the rapidly changing field of International Relations with an emphasis on the vitality of an interdisciplinary approach.

"The main matters on which all men deliberate and on which political speakers make speeches are some five in number: ways and means, war and peace, national defense, imports and exports, and legislation. A comprehensive view of these questions cannot be gained solely from experience in home affairs; in order to advise on such matters a man must be keenly interested in the methods worked out in other lands." Aristotle

Thus, in our times, a critical understanding of social and political realities facing the global community increasingly requires an intellectual training based on cross-disciplinary accumulation of skills and knowledge. A cross-disciplinary perspective endows the students and researchers with a plurality of approaches necessary for the awareness of the broad range of social and political problems in an increasingly changing global environment. In that regard, the goal of our program is to turn out social scientists with appropriate analytical abilities to critically analyse, interpret and evaluate the current local, domestic and international issues and place them in broader intellectual, social and historical contexts.

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