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October 2024 Admissions Are Open. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Bachelors of Arts (BA) in Translations and Interpreting Studies at Yeditepe University: Tuition Fee: $10.000/year (After Scholarship)

The growing complexity of international communication, involving written, spoken and technology mediated communication increasingly requires combined competencies. Recognizing this need, our program at Yeditepe University aims to provide our students with the education, skills and competence that they need to perform both tasks professionally and to produce graduates equipped with all the required knowledge in the area of translation and interpreting. Turkey’s intense international relations in our era urges governmental and private institutions to employ qualified and experienced translators. There has been an increasing need for translators in the media, commercial companies, law offices and conference interpreters in ever increasing conferences. Department of Translation and Interpreting at Yeditepe University runs a dynamic, up to date undergraduate program aimed at meeting this need.

Registered students continue to take courses aimed at improving their language skills in addition to courses such as ‘Introduction to Interpreting’ which they take for two terms during their first year. While building skill sets, students also increase their domain knowledge and terminology by taking courses from different departments such as Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Economics and Contermporary Political Thought starting from the first year. In parallel with these courses, students continue to take theoretical and applied translation courses in different fields such as Political Translation, Translation of Texts on Social Sciences, Translation of Texts on Economics, Translation of Media Texts, Legal Translation, literary Translation, Health Sciences Translation, Translation of Texts on Science and Technology starting from the second year.

Depending on their area of interest, students can take some elective courses as well such as Translation of Texts on Arts, Intersemiotic Translation, Legal Interpreting and Introduction to Simultaneous Interpreting.

Interpreting Skills

Translation and Interpreting Studies undergraduate students improve their interpreting skills in courses such as Introduction to Interpreting, Bilateral Interpreting, Consecutive Interpreting, Recorded Broadcast Translation and Community Interpreting taught by experts in their fields starting from the second year. Those who achieve high performance in these courses are subjected to an aptitude test at the end of the seventh semester and succeeding students are given conference interpreting education in their final semester.

Theoretical Courses

Translation and Interpreting Studies undergraduate students acquire the required knowledge about the theoretical framework of translation and interpreting by taking various courses such as Translation Theory, Translation Criticism, Approaches to Translation in History and Today, Revising and Editing for Translators, and Special Topics in Translation.

Among the core courses of our department, there are also courses such as Computer-Aided Technical Translation, Subtitling and Dubbing, which provide the connection with translation sector lectured by their experts in their fields. In these courses, students gain experience in different applied fields of translation and have the opportunity to interact with the sector. Courses like Critical Thinking and Culture and Translation within our program raise students’ cultural awareness.

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