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Bachelors in Science (BSc) in Civil Engineering at Nisantasi University: Tuition Fee: $3,800/year

The demand for aviation transportation of passengers and load is increased by the demands of the economic decision units to cover their needs for transportation between two points in the shortest time, the need to carry the valuable assets in a secure way and some other critical factors. The firms that meet the increased demand in civil aviation sector are in a high competition in this process. The increased competition triggers the attempts to use the sources in a more effective way, which, in turn, increases the demand for qualified staff. In the light of this information, the purpose of the department is to train qualified personnel required by the companies, private and public institutions in civil air transportation management.

There appear changes in the services and in the way these services are offered, depending on the change in the needs of economic decision units. The close follow-up of these changes and their inclusion in production process in a short time come to the fore as an important element of competitiveness. Civil aviation sector is one in which this demand is continually changing and pressure of competition is increasing. The fact that the quality of service is kept up in this sector brings with it the need to ensure the sustainability of customer satisfaction. The realization of this need depends on the employment of specialized staff open to development. In this context, employment of qualified personnel in the civil aviation sector with a high potential for growth is an issue worth emphasizing. The graduates of our department are, therefore, employed by private air carriers and Turkish Airlines in particular, by airports, airport land services, catering companies and other organizations related to aviation.

The syllabus of the Department of Aviation Management is composed of courses containing information and skills that can be used in every stage of working life. Introduction to Civil Aviation, Aviation Transportation, Airport Services, Land Services, Passenger Services, Ramp Services, Aviation Security, Flight Planning, Airport Management, Aviation English and Practices of Civil Aviation Transportation Management are primary courses of the department. Besides these courses, there are a variety of optional courses covering specific issues and subjects.

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