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Bachelors of Science (BSc) in Industrial Engineering at Uskudar University: $3.970/year (After Scholarship)


Industrial Engineering is concerned with the design, improvement and installation of integrated systems consisting of human, robot, machine, hardware, information and energy. It is an engineering discipline that uses specialized knowledge and skills in mathematical, physical and social sciences, as well as engineering analysis and design principles and methods to determine, predict and evaluate the results obtained from these systems (IIE).

Solution Focused Experts are Educated

At Üsküdar University, it is aimed to educate graduates who can solve the problems in their professional fields by applying the basic principles of Industrial Engineering, can play an important role in the development, design, implementation and efficiency of production and service systems, and contribute to the generation of new knowledge related to the Industrial Engineering discipline.

Language of Instruction is English

The preparatory class is compulsory in the Department of Industrial Engineering, which is 8 semesters, and the language of instruction is 100% English. After completion of the program, the students can continue for graduate education.

What courses are taken in Industrial Engineering Department?

In addition to the basic engineering courses, such required courses as operations research, work and time study, production planning and control, quality control, facility planning and design, project management, management information systems, system simulation, engineering economics and investment analysis and decision-making techniques are offered in the field of Industrial Engineering. In addition, it is aimed to enrich the curriculum with elective courses such as computer aided manufacturing, robotics and intelligent systems, supply chain management, reliability engineering, decision support systems, healthcare quality management, management organization, human resources and other electives, which help to equip Industrial Engineering candidates with all professional requirements.

What are the Work Areas for Industrial Engineering Graduates?

Industrial Engineering graduates can work in all public and private sectors that produce products or services. Industrial Engineers can ensure efficiency in all kinds of organizations and systems, optimum use of resources and products, and design of processes and systems that best meet the requirements. In this respect, the following job areas can be listed for industrial engineers, who are involved with a wide range work: All factories and production systems; supply chain management; banks, stock exchanges and financial institutions; health sector and hospitals; airline companies and airports, maritime and land transport companies, and energy and resource distribution companies. In addition, the graduates of the department contribute to the science with their studies by getting master's and doctorate education in the academic institutions they work.


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