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Bachelors of Information Trade and Business at Halic University: Tuition Fee: $5.200/Year (After Scholarship)

Our International Trade and Business (English) program offers professional courses related to every field of international trade, distributed over the four-years program in a harmonized manner and combined with basic courses such as economics, business, law, business mathematics and statistics. Students who have completed the program (five-years together with the preparatory class) will be able to gain necessary skill to work in institutions with international economic activities, mainly foreign trade companies.


The international business environment differs from the domestic business in many respects. The differences arise predominantly in marketing and sales management, purchasing management, financial management and general operational management. In addition, international business environments are changing faster than national business environments. Inflation in country A, devaluation in country B, change in tariffs in country C, sanction decisions against country D and many more are among the issues that foreign trade managers at all levels must take into consideration.


Our curriculum is designed to transfer necessary skills to the students who will participate in the decision making process and manage transactions in constantly changing international business environment. In addition, we are in an effort to keep our curriculum, course contents and teaching styles constantly updated. We adapt the teaching techniques such as virtual reality and e-learning, which transfer large-sized information in a short time to the students. Our lessons are taught by our expert academics, who often have private sector experience or an economic bureaucracy background.


The language of international trade is English. Almost all international business communications and contracts are carried out and conducted in English. Follow-up of the literature, events in target markets and the multilateral trade system require an advanced academic level as well as advanced language skills and international business culture. Therefore, the language of instruction for our program is English since the beginning of the academic year 2020-2021.


Career Opportunities


Graduates of our department can find career opportunities in various departments of international trade companies, trade and industry chambers, exporter’s associations, multinational companies and national and international retail industry. Foreign exchange departments of banks, logistics companies, insurance companies, international surveillance companies and customs consultancy firms, which provide international trade services, should be considered as another career ladder. Like mainly central, provincial and foreign branches of the Ministry of Commerce, all ministries and governmental agencies presents job opportunities. It is possible also to find business opportunities in foreign consulates and embassies.


Education Language: English 

Prep School: Compulsory

Campus Information: Sütlüce Campus

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