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Bachelors of Management Information Systems at Nisantasi University: Tuition Fee: $3,800/year

Intensive competition today has given birth to a number of changes and transformations in national and international markets. As a result of the changes and developments in foreign and domestic markets, the businesses moving to globalization are faced by the fact that all their working procedures are regulated according to this new competitive model. In today’s world in which there is an intensive competition, one of the most effective competition tools is to install information and communication technologies and to include these technologies in the process of making a decision and doing business. Besides the planning and applying of the information systems, there is another point of importance, which is the effective management of these systems. This is because information and communication technologies are constantly renewed and updated and this requires following these developments and adding them to the existing ones. Information technology-based systems which exist in all fields and circles of life affect a lot of elements and points, too. Among them are trade, marketing, management and sales of goods and services. There has appeared a need for the Department of Management Information Systems so as to take a thorough look at the issue, gathering information from different aspects supporting the decision-making process at the management. The purpose of the Department of Management Information Systems is to train individuals who can develop the information systems at businesses and who have the knowledge and experience of information and business to manage a business.

Our graduates can take their place at any management position in the modern business world utilizing the information technologies can very well meet the need in the fields of e-commerce, decision-making systems, developing software and in such fields. They can be employed by the data-processing departments, system-developing units and project-developing departments of any private or public institution, as well as software companies and consulting firms.

Information technology-based systems develop in all parts of the world and take place in all fields of life. For this reason, the course sin our department are designed to equip our students with the skills of an adequate level of foreign language and computer. In the Department of Information technology-based systems the teaching of English is highly prioritized besides the compulsory and optional courses. Our students are expected to possess a good deal of experience in information technology through various programming and software courses. They will also gain experience through their internship and on-the-job education offered by our department.

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