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Bachelors of Science (BSc) in Mechanical Engineering at ISIK University: Tuition Fee: $4800/year (After Scholarship)

Engineers are the people who create what was not present before by using science and mathematics and develop products, processes, algorithms, systems that will be solutions to human needs. Based on the industrial revolution of the 19th century, mechanical engineering is one of the oldest and most established engineering disciplines.

Mechanical Engineering, which aims to improve human living conditions with mechanical components and systems by using materials and energy available in the nature, obviously has a multidisciplinary structure. For example, the design of an automobile combines many fields such as physics, statics, dynamics, strength of materials, chemistry, thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, control, materials, vibration and mechanical design. Areas such as nuclear energy, aerospace, shipbuilding and industrial engineering are the disciplines that mechanical engineering breeds and develops.

The tendency of change brought by science and technology has led mechanical engineering to adopt micro and nano technologies, biomechanics, information technologies, energy and environmental issues. Both enriching the main areas with these new technologies and raising awareness with current examples and practices in the process of addressing the main issues are on the agenda of mechanical engineering. The image of heavy machinery industry is gradually being replaced by micro-electro-mechanical systems and adaptations to life sciences. The mechanical engineering program is regularly updated by taking into account today's technological facts and requirements.

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