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October 2024 Admissions Are Open. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Bachelors of New Media & Communication at Nisantasi University: Tuition Fee: $3,800/year

New Media Department (English) intends to produce graduates who can create online content, develop their own visual perception and visual design abilities, have technical knowledge going with the flow based on the speed of development in the nature of new media technologies; to train professionals having equipped with critical thinking to be able to examine social, economical, cultural and political fields internationally and locally; to educate individuals having knowledge on theoretical infrastructure. New Media Department is a multidisciplinary program that provides theoretical and practical training with a critical approach in the field of digital media studies. Information becomes accessible anytime anywhere with the development of computer, the Internet and telecommunications technology and this causes information systems to change the relationship between the creative arts and science. This change has economic, cultural, social, political and legal consequences. In this context, the evolution of traditional media into digital media has changed the work areas of the media professional today. In addition to traditional media environment, today's media professionals are expected to be competent in digital media content production and management areas such as online publishing, interactive advertising and digital visual design environments. The purpose of the New Media Department is to train creative new media professionals with knowledge and ideas about cultural, social and artistic transformations posed by new media, legal arrangements made for new media areas and the new media policy; and the professionals that can produce and govern content in areas such as online public relations and advertising, online journalism and digital art and could dominate the technical and aesthetic language of the digital media environment.

Due to digital media environments transforming constantly and rapidly, the business area for New Media graduates are diversifying and expanding. The graduates have the opportunity to work in all public and civil society organizations which use the Internet and mobile networks. They can be media editor and producer of the media organizations which carry out publishing activities in new media environments, such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television film production companies. They can have a role in online reputation management and also advertising effectively in public relations and consulting firms. They can be manager of digital advertising or marketing in agencies, and can be social media experts of any public, private or non-governmental organizations. In other words, they can work in all the positions that require content production and management which have multimedia formalism and interaction features such as audio, text, graphics, photos and videos based on any institution or establishment digital coding system. In addition to these employment possibilities, the graduates can apply for Master’s and PhD degrees.

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