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Bachelors of Nursing at Istanbul Kent University: $2,900/Year (After Scholarship)

The Faculty of Health Sciences comprises the Departments of Nutrition and Dietetics, Child Development, Speech and Language Therapy, Midwifery, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, and Nursing which contribute to many areas of healthcare such as diagnosis/treatment, rehabilitation, and protection of health, and form the backbone of the service to the individual and society. 

As Faculty, we have planned our education program in all our departments in such a way that our students understand not only their field, but they can understand health as a whole. In all of our departments’ curricula, we have shown utmost attention not only to include field-specific courses, but also fundamental medical sciences, departmental and non-departmental courses that will help our students in their professional lives. We have formed our practical training, which is an indispensable requirement of health sciences training, to prepare students as fully equipped, self-confident graduates in their respective branches so that they will not feel inexperienced in professional life. We aimed to increase student's professional experience by providing them the opportunity to work in different institutions and enterprises through practices and internships in work-places, as well as to get a career chance after graduation.

With our young and dynamic training staff, each of whom has experience in their respective field, we paid extra attention to the fact that our education programs contain content parallel to current developments in the world and we take utmost care to train students who investigate, question, internalize and adopt lifelong education. 

In our faculty, we see as a way of life the following: aiming to help prepare individuals for the world, to play a role in their development, to improve, to support for improving the quality of life, and we will be extremely happy to welcome all our students who prefer our departments. 

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