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Bachelors of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at Halic University: Tuition Fee: $5.200/Year (After Scholarship)

The physiotherapist profession determines the functional limitations, pain, disability and abilities by special methods of measurement, evaluation and examination after diagnosis of a specialist physician in all kinds of injuries, diseases, aging, pain and dysfunctions that cause movement disorders. It is the health profession who have gained the required knowledge and skills in the practice of the physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs for improving the function, functional capacity and quality of life, also for evaluation of their results. They are specialist health personnel with professional autonomy, also can be active in their special interests area with post-graduate training or clinical work. Physiotherapists also provide preventive rehabilitation services in all situations where movement and function are threatened for various reasons, to prevent disease, increase independent movement and improve health-related quality of life.

Graduates of the department can work in public hospitals, private hospitals, Ministry of Health, Social Insurance Institution, municipal and university research hospitals, community health centers, rehabilitation centers, private clinics, sports clubs, nursing homes. Graduates can be specialised in only one of the large areas covered by the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation area and they may have titles such as hand physiotherapist, speech therapist, sports physiotherapist, manual therapist, osteopat, chest physiotherapist, lymph edema therapist according to the areas they are specialized in. Graduates can attend national or international courses or trainings in these areas they are interested in, they can take postgraduate education, do academic study or become academicians.

The Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Program educates healthcare professionals called physiotherapists, who apply physical therapy and rehabilitation approaches in individuals who diagnosed and whose treatments are determined by a physician and with congenital/acquired diseases or injuries and musculoskeletal diseases.

 The increase in the average life expectancy and successful studies in the treatment of diseases increase the number of individuals in need of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, and this situation is expanding the working areas of physiotherapists day by day.

Physiotherapy education includes the evaluation of dysfunction caused by diseases, exercise and rehabilitation approaches to increase the level of independence, and the innovations of rehabilitation medicine in addition to medical, social, sports related and occupational education to improve the quality of life of individuals.

Physiotherapy, is a profession that requires patience, empathy, helpfulness and good dexterity, is satisfactory for individuals who are tolerant, have a sense of responsibility, are prone to teamwork and are interested in healthcare field. It is defined as a profession with a high potential in coming years. We welcome young people who are interested in the field of rehabilitation, related to science, whose goals are not only being healthcare professionals but also have academic goals in their fields.

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