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Bachelors of Psychology at Halic University: Tuition Fee $5.200/Year (After Scholarship)

Psychology is a word derived by combining the words psykhe (spirit) and logos (knowledge). It is a branch of science that studies the essence and different states of the human soul and tries to find the rules of phenomena such as sensation, enthusiasm and thinking.

Human beings tend to adapt to their environment as a living being and develop in a balanced way. Psychology also tries to explain and predict his behavior by applying the laws he has obtained to people.

Today, the findings of psychology are used in many different fields. The use of psychological information in the fields of education, medicine, industry, economy makes people more successful. With the use of psychological knowledge obtained in the fields of growth, development, talents, interest, intelligence, excitement, memory, thinking, learning in the field of education, success has increased in this area, and a healthier, more modern education understanding has developed.

Clinical Psychology: Clinical psychology is the most well-known subfield of psychology among the public. When a psychologist is mentioned, the picture that many people think of is a clinical psychologist picture. Clinical psychologists are concerned with evaluating (diagnosing) and treating individuals with mental, behavioral, and emotional problems. Clinical psychologists specialize in psychological tests and psychological treatment. When working with psychiatrists in hospitals, they can deal with severe cases such as schizophrenia. They usually work as a member of the diagnosis and treatment team in the hospital.

Developmental Psychology: Developmental psychology examines the ongoing development of human beings, from prenatal to death. Developmental psychologists at doctoral level work as researchers / academicians in universities and research institutions. Developmental psychology is one of the areas that feed psychology, especially clinical psychology, in the theoretical sense. Developmental psychologists at the undergraduate and graduate level work as developmental specialists in clinics, kindergartens and nursing homes.

Social Psychology: Social psychology is concerned with how individuals interact with each other and how they are affected by their environment. It is one of the sub-fields that provide the widest theoretical knowledge to psychology. Study subjects are very broad and diverse. Social psychologists generally work as researchers at universities. However, in recent years, it has been observed that they work in the field of application in advertising and public relations companies.

Industrial / Organizational Psychology: It is a branch that conducts research in order to select personnel according to industrial work by using the data of psychology, to arrange the tools and equipment produced according to the human structure, to solve the psychological problems of the employees. Issues such as arranging workplaces in accordance with human health, doing the job in the most appropriate way with the least energy consumption, and working in the job in accordance with the physiological structure and abilities of the person concern industrial psychology.

Educational Psychology: It is an advanced field with the application of the findings in the fields of psychology perception, learning, thinking, motivation, excitement, intelligence and personality, environment-human interaction. This theoretical (institutional) information was used to solve many problems in the field of education and training. Innovations and developments related to both students and teachers and teaching techniques are the result of these studies. In addition, the need to regulate the physical conditions of school life and to provide education and training in more suitable environments has been determined in the light of these studies.

As Psychology Department, our goals are to train graduates who can understand human nature, their inner world, their emotions, thoughts and behaviors, and realize the personal and life events that affect them. Our department's expectation from undergraduate graduates is that they master human psychology, understand the personal dynamics that cause problems, recognize and formulate psychological diseases and help people with a holistic approach.

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