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Bachelors of Science (BSc) in Civil Engineering at TED University: $9,000/year (Scholarship Available)

Engineering is the application of scientific and technical knowledge along with economic and social principles to real-life problems. Civil engineering, being the oldest branch of engineering, increases the quality of life by striving to provide better solutions for the basic needs of humanity. Civil engineers involve in the planning, design, construction, and operation of the built environment, which includes building and housing systems, transportation systems, and systems for the protection and use of air and water resources. 

The civil engineering students at TED University have the opportunity to obtain a broad background in mathematics and the physical sciences and their applications to all areas of civil engineering. The flexible curriculum of the Civil Engineering Department allows students to make their choices from a wide range of elective courses, which includes the main areas of civil engineering, and courses in the humanities and social sciences areas as well. Besides, a balanced focus on both the depth and breadth of knowledge is the most critical feature of the civil engineering curriculum at TEDU. 

The graduates of the civil engineering program of TEDU should solve civil engineering problems within a greater societal context. They will have a professional and ethical conduct and be able to apply knowledge, strong reasoning, and quantitative skills to design and implement creative and sustainable solutions. They should engage in lifelong learning in order to meet the forthcoming challenges facing the profession. Last but not the least, our graduates will exhibit strong communication, interpersonal, and resource-management skills as future leaders in the civil engineering profession. The first year of the undergraduate program is common to all engineering disciplines. The studies on mechanics, materials and applied mathematics begin in the second year. The third year aims at building the basic theoretical background in major sub-disciplines of civil engineering. These include geotechnical engineering (behavior of soils, design of foundations), structural engineering (analysis and design of reinforced concrete and steel structures), hydraulics engineering (flow of water in pipes, open channels, water resources) and the general systems approach to engineering problems. The students are also exposed to construction engineering and management concepts at introductory level in the third year. The senior civil engineering students will have a flexible curriculum. They will be offered mainly a variety of elective courses on planning and design of complex civil engineering systems. 

Our students have the chance to specialize in a minor field as they pursue their major program. The TED University offers a choice of diverse minor programs provided by all Faculties that are involved in undergraduate education.

Establishment of TED University Civil Engineering Department was finalized by the Executive Board of the Turkish Higher Education Council at their February 20, 2013 meeting.

The Civil Engineering Department at TED University aims at graduating BS students who:

  • are prepared for engineering practice or to enroll in engineering graduate degree programs,
  • have mastered the fundamental notions and principles of “Civil Engineering” profession,
  • are open to team work, innovative, perform effectively through oral- written communication,
  • are sociable and well-rounded.

Last but not the least; our graduates will exhibit strong communication, interpersonal, and resource-management skills as future leaders in the civil engineering profession.

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