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Bachelors of Science (BSc) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Halic University: Tuition Fee: $5.200/Year (After Scholarship)

Our department started education under the name of Electronics and Communication Engineering in the academic year of 2005-2006 and has been continuing education under the name of Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering since the academic year of 2012-2013.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering is one of the fastest growing branches of science. Therefore, the curriculum and course contents are updated in parallel with scientific and technological developments.

The first year of our department's four-year program consists of courses that provide basic knowledge in basic sciences and social sciences that our students will need in later years. In the second year, there are courses in which the information that forms the basis of Electrical and Electronics Engineering is given. In the third year program, the courses, including laboratories, are dominant in order to give basic concepts related to different fields of this engineering branch and to gain theoretical and practical knowledge in these fields. In the last year, it consists of a program consisting entirely of elective courses and thus to gain competence in many fields such as electricity, electronics, communication, signal processing, control, microwave. Our students are provided with two 30-day internships, thus gaining experience in the field of study, and they are supported in setting up internships. In addition, for students who want to study in other departments, this opportunity is offered to them with our Double Major and Minor Programs.

The main field of activity of Electrical-Electronics Engineering; It has a wide range such as electricity, electronics, communication, control, automation, energy, computer.

Electrical-Electronics Engineers; They have the opportunity to work in almost every sector, from energy to construction, from IT to automotive, from health to chemistry, from finance to commerce, from education to entertainment, from agriculture to industry, from transportation to communication, from tourism to textile, and they are needed in different fields of these sectors.

The mission of our department is to provide training for engineers who closely follow developments in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, have knowledge and skills at national and international level, adopt learning as a principle, produce solutions to problems, have a sense of responsibility, prioritize professional ethics, and adhere to universal values ??and ethical principles. education.

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