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Bachelors of Science (BSc) in Industrial Engineering at Halic University: Tuition Fee: $5.200/Year (After Scholarship)

Industrial Engineering Department which is nationally and internationally recognized in its field operates with the vision of being an elite and competitive department providing high quality education for creative, innovative, entrepreneurial and pioneering engineers and researchers. The mission of our department is to ensure that our students are educated as industrial engineers who are innovative, solution-oriented, having problem-solving skills, qualified, preferred and self-confident in order to become individuals beneficial to our country and humanity in all respects within the framework of professional ethical rules.

Industrial Engineering is a branch of science involved in the production and service processes and dealing with the organization, optimization and management of the human, machine, method, material, information, energy, economy, competition and technology matrix.

The main professional aim is to continuously improve the processes related to products and services and find the most suitable solutions by achieving effectiveness, productivity, flexibility, sensitivity and consequently profitability and high quality in the enterprises and organizations. In this context, Industrial Engineering is one of the rare professions that can recognize and solve problems by bringing together all the components in today's high-tech world.

The Industrial Engineering curriculum is designed to prepare students for a series of difficult and complex processes that require designing and managing "Today's and Future's Factories and Organizations" and is constantly updated according to the needs of the age. The main aim is to provide graduates with the ability to plan, analyze, organize, develop decision-making alternatives with new and sustainable technologies, manage and reach results in various sectors producing products and services in a global competitive environment.

In addition to the basic sciences, social sciences, management and communication sciences and engineering courses, the undergraduate education in the Department of Industrial Engineering covers disciplines that are constantly updated according to the needs of the age such as computer programming, optimization, simulation, operations research techniques, information systems, statistics, decision-making methods, production planning, control and management, project management and innovation management. In the courses, real problems that can be encountered in industry and service sector are tried to be solved by transferring current issues to students with computer simulation software support and additionally using case study and analysis methods. Students are expected to complete their applications, projects and assignments in the courses, complete their summer internships and successfully complete their final projects in the last academic year.

Our graduated students can professionally work in all sectors such as logistics, finance, banking, insurance, health, marketing, sales, purchasing, human resources, quality, research and development of products and processes, that develop and produce products and services to meet the needs of the society in the new century as well as areas such as innovation practices and knowledge management. They can also work as Industrial Engineers in the design, planning, installation, operation and management of integrated systems and processes involving people, machines, methods, materials, layout, information and technology.

Within the scope of the Graduate Education, there is also an Industrial Engineering Master Program (with and without Thesis) that provides graduate education to engineers who work during the days and want to improve themselves in the evenings.

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