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Bachelors of Science (BSc) in Software Engineering at Uskudar University: $5,095/year (After Scholarship)

Software Engineering is a vital science in high technology applications and modern business world. Computers, banking systems, telephones, medical and diagnostic equipment, energy systems, design and manufacturing applications that we use every day can not perform their important functions without the softwares.

By taking into consideration the factors such as user requirements, cost constraints, technical and economical feasibility, reliability, ease of maintenance and repair, product quality and on-time delivery, software engineers are responsible for developing the most effective software through the system approach of the engineering science. In addition to obtaining a very strong technological and engineering infrastructure for this, it is necessary for communication and management skills to be at a high level in order to carry out important projects.

Software Engineering Programme Content

Software Engineering Undergraduate Programme (in English) at Üsküdar University envisions the training of engineers who will apply the principles of computer science and engineering and the design of large scale software projects and applications. Thanks to these specialities it is expected that software engineering programmes should have an interdisciplinary approach in education. In this respect, a curriculum has been created by combining the speciality, knowledge and experience of computer science and engineering with a combination of mathematics, economics, business and social sciences to ensure that graduates of Software Engineering Department are to be demanded engineers in the sector.

Software Engineering Undergraduate Programme (in English)  at Üsküdar University aims to give lessons about designing, projecting, developing, producing, operating and maintenance of software. Production-oriented planning, management, support and training activities also have an important role in our programme. The Department of Software Engineering is primarily aimed at building a strong infrastructure in mathematics, basic sciences and basic engineering. The main purpose of our programme is to teach by determining and identifying the engineering problems in the field of software and being able to solve them by thinking analytically in the related disciplines. In the Department of Software Engineering, it is aimed to train engineers who can solve software problems in an interdisciplinary way in all fields from medical diagnosis and treatment applications to telecommunication, from banking applications to service sector, from engineering to social sciences.

The duration of study is four years except one year for English preparatory class, and the medium of instruction is English.

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