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Bachelors of Translation and Interpretation at Halic University: Tuition Fee: $5.200/Year (After Scholarship)

As a culture and communication expert between English and national / local languages ??in our globalizing world where English has become the common language of all humanity, especially in fields such as science, technology, culture, art and trade, and thus information and technology is in international circulation at all times. The need for translators to do is increasing day by day. Our Department, which was established in 2005 in order to meet this need in our country, offers our students both ease of transportation and easy access to scientific and cultural activities in its location in the heart of Old Istanbul, the cultural and tourism region of the world, at the Sütlüce Campus of Haliç University.

The aim of our department is to train “intercultural communication specialist” translators who have high level linguistic, cultural, textual skills, research awareness, special field and world knowledge, ethical values ??of the profession and know the national / international translation sector in the Turkish-English language-culture pair. For this purpose, we offer our students compulsory courses that include theory and practice together in fields such as translation and interpreting, translation studies, linguistics, cultural studies, academic writing and oratory. In addition, the scope of our program is expanded through the elective courses offered from the second grade to enable our students to improve their translation skills in a wide range of fields of interest, such as literature, psychology, sociology, health, technology, commerce, international organizations and French.

In order to develop our students' competencies in the areas such as simultaneous translation, consecutive translation, computer-aided translation, all of our practice courses, especially interpreting courses, are carried out in accordance with the industry standards in the Simultaneous Translation Laboratory, which is equipped with TRADOS translation software on our computers. In addition to our departmental courses, our Department offers our students two important opportunities in parallel with the profession of special field knowledge and cultural skills. Thanks to their Erasmus agreements, they can continue one or two semesters of their studies in other relevant departments abroad.

Our students, who are trained under the guidance of our qualified and strong sectoral connections, have various job opportunities after graduation, equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills in translation and translation. Our department graduates are written in various government institutions, universities, tourism and foreign trade companies, international organizations and companies, banks, law offices, media organizations and international congresses and meetings, especially translation agencies, translation companies and publishing houses. and / or has the opportunity to work as an interpreter; In addition to translation, they can participate in business life in various fields such as editorial, technical writing, regional counseling, tourist guidance, English language teaching.

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