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Bachelor of Computer Engineering at Istanbul Arel University: $3,850/year (After Scholarship)

The Computer Engineering undergraduate program, which provides education in both English and Turkish, has been prepared with the idea that students will have a balanced basis for computer hardware, software and applications and that they can adapt to rapidly changing technology in their business life. In the Computer Engineering department, where future architects are trained, it is aimed to train engineers who are equipped with the most up-to-date information, who can meet the needs of the sector and academic life, and produce information.


Computers consist of elements that are based on each other and complement each other, including hardware and software. Computers that are constantly evolving are getting cheaper, but their efficiency is also increasing.


The job opportunities of Computer Engineers are multifaceted. Computer engineering is a field of the profession that aims to solve problems that require automatic processing of information with computer-based software and hardware systems. For this purpose, computer engineers research and develop the methods of processing information automatically, design and develop the necessary software and hardware structure and communication techniques to solve the problems that require the use of these methods.


There is a close interaction between the lecturer and the students, as most of the courses have project assignments and the students carry out these projects under the supervision of the lecturers.


Job Opportunities

Individuals who have completed the Computer Engineering department can gain expertise in software, hardware, systems and network fields and continue their careers.

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