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February & October 2024 Admissions Are Open. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Doctor of Medicine (MD) at Istanbul Okan University: Tuition Fee: $22,680/year (After Scholarship)

Okan University Faculty of Medicine was established in 2013 and admitted its first students in 2014 in the first Medicine and Health Sciences Education Complex of Turkey in Tuzla campus. In 2020, its first students graduated. We offer programs in English and Turkish. The curriculum consists of 3 phases: pre-clinical internship, clinical internship and internship, in which basic and clinical sciences are integrated.

The first phase includes the first three terms. Our students, who take their first steps in medicine at Istanbul Okan University Faculty of Medicine, receive Basic Sciences education in modern lecture halls and laboratories in the Health Sciences Complex.

Our experienced lecturers will teach the human body in a wide range scale from cells to organs in a system where Anatomy, Histology, Physiology, Medical Biochemistry, Medical Biology and Genetics, Medical Microbiology courses are offered in an integrated system. Our medical faculty students also obtain clinical skills training in models at our modern simulation center and will gain experience before going to the hospital.

The second phase includes term 4 and 5. Students will have one-on-one contact with the patients in our modern Tuzla hospital with a capacity of 250 beds, thereby improving their clinical knowledge and skills.

The third phase is the 6th term or internship term. Physician candidates will practice medicine in the hospital and primary care under the supervision of clinical instructors and will exercise the knowledge and skills they have obtained until this year, and will ensure communication with the patient and solutions to health problems. Students who complete the 12-month period will join the physicians in Turkey as talented and competent graduates of Okan University Faculty of Medicine.

Goal of our faculty with a strong academic staff and infrastructure is to train students who love medicine as health professionals and as universal physicians who comprehend the importance of knowledge and academic thinking, who are curious, who are open to learning, who can apply and transfer what they have learned, who carry ethical values, who are pioneering, humane, who are able to work in teams, who are sensitive to the society and the world they live in

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