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Doctoral - PhD in Business Administration at Yasar University: Tuition: $16.000 USD Full Program (Scholarship Available)


The program is designed to enable its students to develop a management approach with a national and international level of functionality and a deep-rooted scientific research culture by transferring the modern business applications required in the modern business world where the theoretical approaches form the basis of the challenging and competitive business applications. The program aims to equip students with qualifications required for top-level executive candidates for public and private sectors, entrepreneurs as their own managers and academic career orientations. It is among the basic priorities of the program that its students acquire the vision and ability to produce scientific knowledge that will contribute to the development of business science at national and international level by synthesizing this knowledge and research culture that they will acquire within the scope of the program. For this reason, our students are expected to internalize the creative thinking culture that makes it possible to produce the systematic work discipline, ethical approach and scientific knowledge required by the program and to adopt this culture as a philosophy of life in their careers as researchers or practitioners.

Programme structure

The first year of the PhD programme consists of coursework, followed by one year of preparation for the Doctorate Proficiency Examination. After passing the examination successfully, students will begin to write their dissertations, for a total research period of two years.

Career opportunities

The PhD program provides its students a wide range of professions in almost every stage of business life. The graduates of this program can work in advanced positions in marketing, human resources, accounting/finance, project management or production departments of national or multinational companies (MNCs); in local, as experts in foreign or government banks; private or governmental financial institutions; insurance companies; audit companies; or be certified public accountants. Also the graduates will be surrounded with skills to set up their own business and become effective entrepreneurs.

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