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February & October 2024 Admissions Are Open. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Doctoral - PhD in English Language & Literature at Yeditepe University: Tuition: $8000 USD Full Program (Scholarship Available)

About the Department

By means of analyzing English literature from a contemporary, comparative, and global perspective, the aim of our doctoral program is to provide students with a high level of education and enable them to become qualified academics. Within this scope, it intends   to help students to become creative and open-minded, critically thinking, successful in both national and international academic and research institutions, perform significant research in both local and global level, and to make a valuable contribution to knowledge and humanity.

Our perspective is interdisciplnary; hence, among the other aims of the program, we intend to train our students to gain the analytical and multi-faceted approach that is necessary in the academic world and the skills for interpretation and producing results. Within this framework, the emphasis is placed on them mastering the various approaches of literary theory, and consider the value of other disciplines for literary application.

Another target of the program is for the graduates to be trained to be successful both at national and international level, to be acknowledged by respected academic institutions for mastering their field of expertise, to be able to contribute positively to knowledge and humanity. The priority of the program is for our doctoral students to gain practice in intensive research in their fields, and to improve their interpretation and criticism of literary texts and raise them at  academic standards.

We intend to ensure our students’ development of their communication skills, their capacity to work both in coordination and cooperation with other academics, creativity, principles and work ethics, in order for them to become both successful researchers and competent instructors. In this framework, emphasizing the role of  the academic profession as a vocation, and making students gain the skills that require a dynamic and active aspect that should be embodied by a future researching identity, are some of the targets of this program.

Our Doctoral program offers courses in English literature, comparative literary theory, literature and aesthetics; it covers periods such as the Renaissance, 18th and 19th century Romantic and Victorian periods, and 20th century British literature, and literary genres such as the novel, poetry, story and drama, as well as diverse fields of literary theory, such as classic criticism, literary sociology, Marxism, feminism, psychoanalysis, structuralism and poststructuralism.

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