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Executive Master of Business Administration - MBA (Non Thesis) at Istanbul Arel University: $3.500 Full Program (After Scholarship)

In recent years, increasing competition in the business world, changing the scope and content of field of study have clearly increased the need for qualified and specialized employees and executives. These developments have also made some changes in the structure and implementation of graduate education programs necessary.


Although this need is met by the current university education, there is a need to close the knowledge gaps that arise in business life after university. This need, which is tried to be met with short-term courses, has to be met with more comprehensive and practical training programs.


Organizing thesis/non-thesis master’s programs in order to transfer the knowledge and experience of executives who have gained certain experience in the business world to education, and to renew the knowledge of new executive candidates in the light of these experiences, and to transfer new knowledge and practices can meet this need. The program has been organized in a scope that includes recent developments in the field of business administration in order to train qualified “Business Executives” needed by the private and public sectors.


Executive Master of Business Administration (English) (Executive MBA) is aimed at candidates who have received a bachelor’s degree and have work experience for a certain period of time. The aim of the program is to equip students with information covering the latest developments in the field of business administration after having gained experience in business life, to understand the management process as a whole, to examine the problems and to gain the ability to reach results suitable for the current conditions. The experience of local and international business managers will also be used in this program.  In this framework, the courses in the program will be given in a way that will examine both local and global formations. The education will be provided using mutual discussions of students and faculty members, speakers from the world of business, group work and other educational methods.


In this context, the content of the program has been designed to provide students with a certain period of experience in business life with a strong theoretical and practical infrastructure related to analysis and testing techniques for solving business problems. The language of instruction is English.

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