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Master in Marketing & Brand Management (Non-Thesis) at Beykoz University: Tuition: $2.600 USD Entire Program (After Scholarship)

Program Structure

Marketing and Brand Management Non-Thesis Master's program is designed in accordance with current trends and needs in the business world. The goal of the program is to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the theoretical knowledge in the field of marketing and brand management besides practical skills and the ability to lead in the sector.

The program consists of a total of three semesters of education, including 10 courses and one semester of graduate project work.

The medium of instruction of the Marketing and Brand Management Non-Thesis Master's Program is English.

The program consists of required and elective courses. Some of the courses are listed below:

Required Courses:

Marketing Management: Covers basic marketing concepts, strategic marketing planning, marketing research, competitive strategies.

Brand Management: Covers brand strategies, building brand equity, brand positioning, brand extension.

Consumer Behaviour: Covers topics such as factors affecting consumers' purchasing decisions, consumer psychology, buying process, consumer analysis for marketing strategies.

Elective Courses:

  • Global Marketing: Covers topics such as strategies specific to global markets, management of cultural differences, international marketing trends.
  • Strategic Management: Covers business strategies, leadership, strategic planning and implementation.
  • Data Analytics and Decision Making: Covers topics such as analysing marketing data, making data-driven decisions, forecasting models.
  • Innovation and Creativity: Covers topics such as innovation strategies and creativity techniques in marketing and brand management.
  • Social Media Management: Covers social media strategies, interaction management, crisis management, etc.
  • Global Brand Management: This course examines brand management strategies in global markets, addressing cultural differences and international brand strategies.
  • Creative Marketing and Communication Strategies: This course can teach students the strategies and techniques necessary to create creative advertising campaigns.
  • Strategic Brand Communication: This course may focus on advertising, public relations, and engagement strategies, examining brand communication strategies in depth.
  • Digital Marketing:  Covers digital marketing topics such as online marketing strategies, social media marketing, content marketing, SEO/SEM.
  • Marketing Research: Covers topics such as conducting marketing research, planning and implementing projects.
  • In accordance with the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) regulations, students of formal education programs are obliged to attend 70% of the courses.
  • Non-Thesis Master's Program students complete the Master's Term Project under the supervision of the advisor in the third semester. In this way, students enjoy the opportunity to gain experience in scientific research, analysis and writing. In the non-thesis program, in the relevant semester, students write their project by doing a graduation study under the leadership of the term project advisor.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Marketing and Brand Management Non-Thesis Master's program can enjoy various career opportunities in a large number of sectors. This program aims to provide students with a competitive advantage in the business world by providing them with a broad knowledge of marketing and brand management.

Graduates of the Marketing and Brand Management Non-Thesis Master's program can enjoy the opportunity to work in a variety of positions in a wide range of industries. Here are some potential fields and positions that graduates of this program can work in: Students graduating from this program can work as Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Business Development Specialist, Sales and Retail Manager, Customer Relationship Manager in Corporate Firms; Digital Marketing Specialist, Social Media Manager, SEO/SEM Specialist, Digital Communication Specialist, Data Analyst in Digital Marketing and Media Firms; E-Commerce Manager, Marketing Operations Specialist, Retail Strategy Consultant, E-Commerce Analyst in E-Commerce Firms; Brand Consultant, Corporate Communication Consultant, Strategic Brand Analyst in the field of Corporate Communication and Brand Consultancy.

Why Master's Program in Marketing and Brand Management?

There are several reasons why the Marketing and Brand Management Non-Thesis Master's program is much preferred.  The Master of Marketing and Brand Management program offers participants the opportunity to gain a deep expertise in the field of marketing and brand management. The program teaches students the most up-to-date concepts and strategies in the industry, allowing graduates to specialize in this field. Graduates who complete this program can increase their career opportunities in marketing and brand management. Gaining the expertise needed by the business world can create a more competitive profile.


Applications are made by filling out the online application form of the Graduate Programs Institute.  As far as the applications to the Marketing and Brand Management Master's Program are concerned, there are no restrictions regarding the fields the applicants may have completed their undergraduate education in.

English proficiency is required for admission to Marketing and Brand Management Master's Programs. For the application, candidates must have at least 60 points from YDS / e-YDS / YÖKDİL exams or submit an exam result showing that they have received an equivalent score (TOEFL: 72, PEARSON PTE ACADEMIC: 55, CAE: C) from an international foreign language exam accepted as equivalent by ÖSYM.

Candidates who do not have a foreign language exam result certificate can take the Beykoz University English Proficiency Exam (Beykoz-Prof). The exam schedule is announced to the candidates by the Graduate Programs Institute. Candidates who score above 60 points in the exam fulfil the English proficiency requirement. Candidates who are not successful in the exam can enrol in Beykoz University English Preparatory Program.

The documents required for the applications are stated below:

  • Official Identification Documents (ID)
  • Passport Photo
  • Undergraduate Diploma or Graduation Certificate (Graduation Certificates obtained through e-Government are also valid.)
  • Undergraduate Transcript (Transcript Certificates obtained through e-Government are also valid.)
  • Resume (CV)
  • Foreign Language Examination Result (YDS / e-YDS / YÖKDİL at least 60 points / TOEFL: 72 /PEARSON PTE ACADEMIC: 55 /CAE: C)
  • Military Service Certificate (Only mandatory for male candidates))

Only the applications of candidates who submit complete application documents are taken

into consideration.


The duration of the Non-Thesis Master's Program is at least 2 semesters and at most 3 semesters.


The courses are held at the Kavacık Building of Beykoz University Graduate Programs Institute between 19.00-21.45 on weekdays and 10.00-16.00 on Saturdays.

With the agreements that can be made between Beykoz University and institutions, a special program can be created only for the employees of the relevant institution who meet the above-mentioned admission requirements. In this case, the courses can be held partially or completely at a venue to be determined by the institution.


More detailed information about tuition fees and discounts can be found on the Beykoz University website.


Marketing and Brand Management English Non-Thesis Master’s Program is coordinated by Beykoz University faculty member Dr. Aslıhan Bekaroğlu Özatar accompanied by strong academic staff. The academic staff consist of young academics who have a good command of the current related research topics as well as experienced academics standing out in their fields.

Marketing and Brand Management (English) Non-Thesis Master’s Degree Program Course Plan Draft

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