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Master of Arts - Culture & Arts Administration (Thesis) at Yasar University: Tuition Fee: $7.200 Full Program (Scholarship Available)

MA in Culture and Arts Administration (Thesis/English)

Information technologies have turned the world we live in into a global village, and it is of vital importance to reach social understanding and empathy for which art and culture play an indispensable role. In public or private institutions of art and culture, there is an increasing demand for the new generation expertise involving innovative models in management, marketing, funding, and audience participation.

The world of artistic creation does not aim to meet the satisfaction of the consumers in the first place, moreover, it challenges the audience. Being compatible with the creative nature of artistic creation, management in the field of culture and arts requires a new kind of management that is open to new approaches. In addition to conventional knowledge of marketing, finance, human resources, and accounting, a manager in the field of culture and arts is expected to have a good command of cultural politics, dynamics of the artistic practice, and the theories of art and culture.

This program will prepare the students for the transforming roles within management in creative industries. Consisting of a multi-disciplinary structure covering different fields such as management, business administration, design, art, and communication, it will provide students with an active study of leadership in management of arts and culture and let them benefit from related theoretical and academic background. A balanced implementation of practical approaches and active learning of basic theoretical comprehension will lead the students to improve their necessary knowledge, experience, and abilities. While providing an environment of collaborative learning within teamwork, it will also help students enhance independent thinking, self-confidence, and critical thinking.

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