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October 2024 Admissions Are Open. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Master of Health Science Dentistry – Prosthetic Dentistry at Yeditepe University: Tuition: $27500 USD Full Program

History: Prosthodontcis Master (MSc) programme has been founded in 2001 and gave its first MSc degree in 2003.

Goal: The aim of the master program of the Department of Prosthodontics is to bring up dentists who are educated using contemporary and international opportunities, who can prepare the best treatment plan in dental soft and hard tissue losses and who can thoroughly manage oral rehabilitation. The Department of Prosthodontics MSc education provides the dentist with contemporary scientific developments in prosthodontics treatment and competency in clinical applications.

Objective: The objective of the MSc program of the Department of Prosthodontics is to bring up dentists with the MSc degree who can successfully manage the diagnosis and treatment planning of prosthodontics patients and who strive to achieve continuous self-development.

Qualification Awarded: The MSc’s Degree in Prosthodontics is awarded to the graduates who have successfully completed all courses in the curriculum.

Level of Qualification: MSc degree, 2nd cycle

Principles Related With Admission and Registration: 

Principles related with admission and registration to program is stated in Section 2: Principles Related with Admission and Registration of “Yeditepe University Graduate Training-Instruction and Examination Regulation”.

Being graduated from Faculty of Dentistry.

Principles Related with Recognition of Previous Education (formal, in-formal, non-formal): In Turkish Universities, the recognition of previous formal education and transfer is executed under the principles stated by “Graduate Training and Instruction Regulation- Clause 5. Transfer” issued by Turkish Higher Education Council and “Transfer Principles of Yeditepe University Senate”.

Proficiency Requirements and Regulations: This department is subject to the first stage degree system having 120 ECTS credits in the field of the health counselling and guidance in higher education. 

The Students who successfully complete the lessons, begans thesis studies.

A student registered in this MSc program has to write his/her thesis according to the rules determined by the Senate and present it for defence in front of a jury. The jury should be composed by five members, 3 of which being from the Thesis Monitoring Committee and at least one being a member from another University.  The defense examination should take place at latest one month after thesis submission to the jury members. The examination consists of a thesis presentation followed by a question-and-answer session. At the end of the defense the jury deliberates and decides for an approval, revision or a failure according to the majority vote. At least 3 copies of the approved theses should be submitted to the Institute at latest one month after the defense date.  For an approval with revisions decision, the properly revised thesis should be resubmitted and defended at latest 6 months later in front of the same jury members. In case of a failure thesis or failure of thesis defense after correction, students are given a new thesis topic.

Program Profile: PHD Programme (1) gives students necessary knowledge and ability to perform both theorical and clinical applications in the field of Prosthodontics and (2) to graduate Prosthodontics for public health care organisations.

Occupational Profiles of Graduates:

Our graduates can mainly work in the Private or Public Health care corporations as well as continueing their academicals studies. In addition, they can be affiliated as a counselor; in the public sector, social and health institutions.

Transition to Higher Degree Programs The graduates holding PhD Degree are eligible to continue their academic studies and become assistant professor, associated professor and professor.

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