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Master of Arts (MA) Political Science & International Relations (Non-Thesis) at Fenerbahce University (FBU): Tuition Fee: $2.250 Entire Program (After Scholarship)

Since the transition to social life, humanity has followed various methods and developed civilizations and governance approaches in order to achieve the optimum conditions for coexistence. In today's globalizing world, the network of relations between states and non-state actors and the reflections of these relations have increased the importance of the field of Political Science and International Relations.

In the program, which has compulsory courses such as Research Methods, History of Diplomacy, International Relations Theories, as well as optional courses that can be selected from the field elective pool, students can make their choices according to their interests.

Graduates of the program will have gained a theoretical background in Political Science and International Relations and will have gained the skills to analyze current political issues from an academic perspective.

The programme provides an overview of the major approaches to knowledge of international affairs (political science, history, law, economy, geography), a closer look at priority areas of research in the political science of international relations (international organizations, multilateralism, foreign policy, global governance, new conflicts, peace studies), and an original socio-historical approach emphasizing the role of States, society, culture and non-state actors in shaping global policy.

Thanks to its fruitful curriculum, the MA in Political Science and International Relations offers students the opportunity to pursue careers in the public sector, private sector, non-governmental organizations and media organizations. Students who benefit from this education will build expertise on their undergraduate education with the high quality of education they receive from Fenerbahçe University's experienced lecturers. Our Master's program will also guide our students who want to continue their doctorate studies and pursue an academic career.

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