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Master of Science - Architecture and Urban Studies (Thesis/Non-Thesis) at TED University: Tuition: $8000 USD Entire Program (Scholarship Available)

“ARCHITECTURE AND URBAN STUDIES” Master Program enables participants to produce innovative research and projects through examining fields of both architecture and the city as well as research areas or application projects in an interdisciplinary and creative way, at academic and professional business life in a critical perspective.

Nowadays, we often encounter with intertwined terms of architecture and the city in built environments that are urbanized on global scale. In an area that can be summarized as a study and research on architecture and the city for all professions and disciplines, we aim developing various perspectives; generating new and original problem definitions; analyzing varying perceptions of different disciplines on architecture and cities; reviving the processes of analysis and synthesis in which knowledge is produced both creatively and comprehensible; and doing research by new technological tools/apparatuses are becoming inevitable tasks to create new scope and comprehension.

While opportunities of alteration offered by innovative technologies are realized in every field of each discipline in a fertile situation and also in a manner that is open to interpretation: residential sites and placements that provide humans opportunity to dwell and accommodate through residential sites and placements, values of spatial design disciplines that are engaged in neighborhood life and the formation and sustainability of cities, such as architectural design and city and regional planning, forms and methods of production and practice; cannot adapt themselves to perspectives that examine and evaluate the past and the future together.

Master program of “ARCHITECTURE AND URBAN STUDIES” invites participants to comprehend approaches of both architecture and city and regional planning disciplines; investigate the environment, components of the city, forms of shelter and the architectural design objects through concerns and yields of both of two disciplines; to meet the system of production, practice and values system of architecture and planning disciplines. To follow the changes in architecture and planning; to contemplate on technological changes or intellectual differentiations in the fields of architecture and planning in parallel or in contradiction with participants own disciplines; both in the extension of and in communication with their professional formations of each participants, regarding architecture and planning culture, beyond literacy acquisition, increasing the number of citizens who understand and participate are the concerns of the program in addition to defining incoming tasks and roles of the environment. Within this framework, the program provides participants who are equipped with skills and methods that allow them to search for answers to scientific and practical responses while asking their own questions through investigating on

  • Problems of the modern city and local governance;
  • The new parameters of urban life quality;
  • Impacts of developing media tools on city and architecture;
  • Development of new technologies and the design-planning world;
  • Recent opportunities offered by education and new technologies.


While working under the common pot in addition to the condition of practicing consciously, becomes essential to researchers, academics, and professionals who are working on subjects of architecture and city. Thus, researchers, academics, professionals working on architecture and urban studies, space and culture can produce audiovisual representations that enable them to be understood from various angles, of data and outputs of the research.

Participants can present the contents of scientific or professional projects in the widest scope and form. As data components of presentations accumulated and resolved again, creative processes which produce new data can be experienced.

The program offers research and investigation on a specific and distinctive history of architecture and urban studies; technology and innovations; forms of making; laws, rules, and policies; industrial interfaces; geography studies; field study dates; training dates etc. interface environments with the interdisciplinary nature of itself.

The Master’s Program with Thesis “ARCHITECTURE AND URBAN STUDIES” expect participants to contribute to the production of scientific knowledge within the domain of architecture and urban studies therein the framework of creative technologies and theoretical update withal master thesis as a final product.

The course is completed with the courses chosen by the participants from the wide selection pool offered with basic studio courses and other compulsory courses, along with the theses and secondary interests of the participants.

With basic studio courses and other compulsory courses, participants choose courses from the free elective courses pool under the influence of both their thesis statement and secondary field of interest.

The Master's Program with Thesis is conducted in English within the framework of TEDU Quality Certificate.

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